FDA finds potential ‘safety signal’ of seizures in 2-5 yr olds after getting Covid-19 shots

The following is from The Defender.

A new preprint study led by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has detected a potential “safety signal” for seizures and convulsions in young children after receiving the monovalent Pfizer or Moderna mRNA Covid-19 vaccines.

Researchers observed the condition in children ages 2-4 for the Pfizer vaccine, and ages 2-5 for the Moderna vaccine.

The total number of cases was 72, with over 50% meeting the definition for febrile seizures.

The median time between vaccination and seizures or convulsions was two days, with 32% occurring the day of or the day after vaccination. All seizures and convulsions took place within seven days of vaccination.

The signal emerged through near real-time surveillance of more than 4 million vaccinated children.

The researchers of the preprint study cautioned that the results “should be interpreted carefully given study limitations.”

The study also identified a myocarditis/pericarditis safety signal in mostly male children 12-17 years old.

However, since each of these conditions were a “known adverse outcome,” according to the researchers, they did not conduct any further follow-up.

Data for the study were collected through health claims records from CVS Health, Optum and Carelon Research, which participate in the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, and supplemented with data from state and local immunization information systems databases.

The study covered reports through January, February or March of this year — as little as 6 months after the approval of vaccinations for younger children.

The study reviewed 21 pre-specified health outcomes after exposure to the Pfizer, Moderna and Novavax monovalent Covid-19 vaccines in children 6 months to 17 years, and identified only these two safety signals as statistically significant.

Children receiving a bivalent Covid-19 vaccine were not included in the review.

The FDA authorized Moderna’s and Pfizer’s updated bivalent vaccines in December 2022, for infants as young as 6 months.

Since Novavax’s shot was approved for emergency use for persons 12 and older, on Oct. 3, 2023, the researchers reviewed only 43 subjects who took two doses of the Novavax product — compared to over 300,000 and 8 million total doses for Moderna’s and Pfizer’s, respectively — and were therefore unable to collect enough data for meaningful analysis.

The study authors note the results do not establish a causal connection between vaccination and the observed outcomes.

A search of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database showed 70 cases of seizures and 20 cases of convulsions in children 2-5 following COVID-19 vaccination.

Assuming a conservative underreporting factor of 40, that could mean well over 3,000 cases occurred.

As the current study did not consult the VAERS database, it remains unknown how many of the VAERS reports were studied.

However, the FDA study states that this safety signal had “not been previously reported for this age group in active surveillance studies of mRNA Covid-19 vaccines.”

The researchers called for further observational research and continued monitoring.


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4 thoughts on “FDA finds potential ‘safety signal’ of seizures in 2-5 yr olds after getting Covid-19 shots”

  1. Well of course, it’s the same potent mRNA as adults but given in diluted amounts. Little healthy bodies at that age don’t need it! Don’t you just love how the FDA, on purpose and carefully crafted words, “safety signal”. Just be honest with the public, IF YOU CAN, and thats a big if!

    1. Harold Hull,

      You and Sharyl Atkkisson
      don’t know the history of
      the F D A, about which my
      below Forwarded Message
      may help to I N F O R M you
      ( and the Full Measure Team ) :

      Forwarded Message :

      Dear Dr. Miller,

      – The FDA—in 1973 : One Physician’s Honest Overview –

      “The FDA and some of its [ ruling ] officers have
      been accused of lying, cheating, police state tactics,
      bribe taking, medical quackery, atrocious scientific
      judgment, being soft on narcotics, censorship,
      blacklisting, blackmailing, conspiring with Internal
      Revenue Service and other federal agencies to ‘get’
      the critics, driving small drug houses into bankruptcy,
      pandering to major drug houses, boondoggling,
      inflicting needless death on sick people, harassment,
      intimidation and numerous other sins.

      “The recent history of the FDA has been reviewed
      critically in ‘The Dictocrats, Our Unelected Rulers,’
      a free-swinging expose’ by Omar V. Garrison, and
      ‘The Chemical Feast,’ by James S. Turner, a detailed,
      documented report assembled by Ralph Nader’s

      “One other official report gave a rather clear picture
      of the agency. Six prominent men in the field of
      science, medicine and education, comprised the ‘FDA
      Ad Hoc Science Advisory Committee,’ which was to
      ‘review and evaluate the total scientific effort of the
      FDA and to advise the Commissioner on aspects of
      FDA’s science activities that, in its judgment, warrant

      “ . . . the committee acknowledged that managerial
      and communications problems [ at the FDA ] were
      ‘longstanding and widespread,’ according to the report.”
      —“DMSO-the most persecuted drug” (1973)

      Today, in 2023, all pontificators opposing actions by
      the FDA, regarding Experimental Gene Injections ( my
      term ) to “treat” the Covid-19 global hoax (( Note: “19”
      is an Illuminati number of PROTECTION/Good Luck, last
      used before, during, and after that child-murdering,
      inside-job of the Oklahoma City bombing )) are IGNORANT
      of the history of the FDA and its INTERNAL corruption
      (( study my report, “The Anatomy of a Revolution,” re
      the Banking-House-of-Rothschild, supported by Illuminati
      Cabal’s bad influence across the globe, since its inception
      in Bavaria, Germany, in 1776—see its hand in Marxian
      Abe Lincoln’s war against states’ self-determination;
      and read Gen. Sherman’s private letters expressing his
      hatred for the idea, “self-government,” especially in South
      Carolina where his troops raped, robbed, burned, and
      murdered civilians across the land )).”

      And now, the FDA is pushing an “RSV” shot for babies,
      which is another of Big Pharma’s generate-big-bucks
      schemes, announcing a ( false ) shortage—to make
      soon-to-be-mothers and mothers aid bad physicians
      in DAMAGING infants natural immunity, and make an
      autistic kid for the MASSIVE medical industry serving
      the purposely brain-damaged children ( Note : The TV
      series, “The Good Doctor,” is a propaganda production,
      for making parents of autistic kids have a sense of hope,
      that their child, as well, might become a genius-level
      doctor ).

      As this scribbler has opined : “The major tragedy of
      Man is his inability to pass WISDOM from one gener-
      ation to the next—and not taking care in his breeding.”

      Today, everyone is an ignorant dolt—unable to halt the
      death of White Civil Society in Western nation-states.

      And the collective I.Q. plunges—because of Radical
      Hear-Me-Roar Feminism butchering wombed babies,
      and open border invaders-of-color of every bad ilk.

      As the Holy Bible warns, one sign of global chaos is
      when ‘the least among you shall rule you’—the least
      smart/wise; the least moral/virtuous; the least caring,
      but for their own self-advancement !—see the U.S.
      Congress and MSM and Hollywood and Wall Street
      . . . see yourself;
      and, very curiously, the least physically attractive
      ( might physical symmetry in beauty be an indicator
      of good mental health, as well ? ).


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