(POLL) 2024: Most Dems say Biden’s age is a serious issue

Most voters – including a majority of Democrats – believe President Joe Biden’s age will be a serious problem for his chance of winning a second term.

That’s according to the latest Rasmussen Reports.

The national survey finds that 72% of likely U.S. voters believe Biden’s age is a serious problem in terms of his chances of winning reelection in 2024, including 46% who think it’s a “very serious problem.”

Twenty-five percent (25%) don’t consider Biden’s age a serious problem for next year’s election.

These findings are essentially unchanged since May.  

Concerns about Biden’s age have led liberal pundits like David Ignatius of the Washington Post to urge the president not to seek reelection. 

However, 57% of voters believe it is likely that Biden will be the Democratic presidential candidate in 2024, including 33% who consider it “very likely.”

Thirty-seven percent (37%) don’t think it’s likely Biden will be the Democratic nominee next year, including 15% who say it is “not at all likely.”

To see survey question wording, click here

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3 thoughts on “(POLL) 2024: Most Dems say Biden’s age is a serious issue”

  1. I suspect many people polled are conflating “age” with “mental acuity.” They would never have considered age an issue if Joetard weren’t such a doddering fool.

    1. William Bayer,

      Would that Sharyl ask—“Is Biden’s Installation
      by Deep State Operators ( of electronic vote
      machines ) a Serious Issue ?”


      “AZ man shares photo
      of all the unrequested
      2024 mail-in ballots
      he’s already received
      in the mail”


      Sidney Powell flipped
      because prosecutors
      are ruthlessly immoral,
      and tie their sexual
      prowess to WINNING
      (( an autonomic re-
      sponse to losing; that
      is, men get depressed
      losing ANY challenge,
      and testosterone falls ))
      AT ANY COST. Powell
      had to weigh her own
      financial welfare in
      fighting a bottomless
      vault of funds used to
      destroy her life.

      As Glenn Beck had
      exclaimed, during a fit
      of anger, several radio
      programs ago :

      “Biden couldn’t get
      three people on a
      parking lot !, which is
      why they put him the

      In other words, the
      DEEP-STATE fix was
      in—to install Biden.

      Powell is a victim of
      dirty political opera-
      tives—as is
      Mr. Trump.


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