(SURVEY) 50% of Americans say they will take a pass on getting flu shot

The following is from The Vaccine Reaction.

A recent survey, which was conducted by the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) to better understand the public’s attitudes and beliefs about influenza, Covid-19, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and pneumococcal disease, found that many adults in the United States are not concerned about these respiratory diseases.

As a result, many Americans do not plan on getting Covid booster shots or influenza, RSV or pneumococcal vaccines because they do not have confidence in the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.

The top reason cited for not getting the flu shot include: 32 percent are concerned about potential adverse effects from the vaccine; 31 percent do not trust vaccines; 27 percent do not think vaccines work very well, and 27 percent are concerned about getting sick from vaccines.

Only 23 Percent of Americans are Extremely Concerned About Covid

The findings also revealed that only 23 percent of adults in the U.S. are “very” or “extremely” concerned about themselves or someone in their family getting infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and only 40 percent plan to receive the updated monovalent Covid shots —of which almost 50 percent said it was because they were concerned about the adverse effects of the shots.

Other reasons for not getting the monovalent Covid shots included: 34 percent do not trust vaccines; 28 percent do not think that vaccines work very well; 27 percent are concerned about getting sick from vaccines, and 13 percent do not think Covid is a serious illness.

Nearly Two-Thirds of Americans Concerned About Co-Administration of Influenza and Covid Shots

The findings of the survey found that 62 percent of Americans would not, or are unsure about getting influenza and Covid shots at the same time.

The reasons cited for the reluctance include: 56 percent are concerned about the side effects from getting both shots at the same time; 37 percent do not think it is safe to get both at the same time; 21 percent have not been advised to get both at the same time, and 18 percent do not think the shots will work well if received at the same time.

A 2022 study published in JAMA Network Open and published on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  (CDC) website found that simultaneous administration of mRNA Covid shots and influenza vaccines may be associated with increased likelihood of systemic reactions.

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9 thoughts on “(SURVEY) 50% of Americans say they will take a pass on getting flu shot”

  1. Regardless of government and big pharm propaganda, too many of us know people actually harmed by these shots, as well as continually getting “covid” even when boosted. Or because they were boosted.

    Those are the facts on the ground. But not in the deep state data banks.

  2. Caution: “Flu shots” today use this unproven and unsafe mRNA technology.

    They are no longer the mostly useless actual vaccines, using last year flu bugs. Check the sources very very carefully before submitting to this medical industry recommendation.

  3. It will be even less when they fully implement the mRNA technology fully. Isn’t it ironic Dr. Malone’s peers got the Nobel prize and he didn’t because he cautioned to not give it to the general public as it is still experimental.

  4. IMO the biggest reason for not getting the flu vaccine is the lack of trust in the CDC and big Phama after the falsehoods we were fed duing COVID. As noted in the polling, many are concerned about the ‘co-administration” of COVID and flu virus. Just another mistrust of the medical profession nowadays.

  5. A lot of distrust was created when the government, pharma, and the media pushed the mRNA experiment. It’s practically the only thing I criticize Trump for. He shoveled the money out and pharma had to come up with something quick – too quick. Like most, Trump assumed big pharma, CDC, FDA, etc. would only issue vaccines if they were mostly safe, but money and political gain clouded all common sense. Currently, I think many will shy away from this season’s Flu vaxx because there has been talk of a combined shot, including Covid mRNA. Almost as bad as that crime is the collusion of all those actors to quell the distribution of hydroxychloraquine and Ivermectin. Those cheap meds could have been distributed with info on how and when to take them. That would have saved thousands of lives. They all would have been heroes, instead they’re all zeroes. It contributed to the worst president in American history getting elected. I’m not sure we will fully recover from this combined tragedy.

    1. Nancy Pelosi had Trump in an election year hammer-lock. His gut was this was the latest Democrat hoax, but he got drowned out .

      Yet again, time and data prove Trump’s gut was right. What he was required to do to try and stay ahead of the massive Democrat lie machine should never be asked of any human being. So cut him some slack on his “covid” mistakes. He too became the victim of the Democrat machine and paid dearly for it .So have we.

      Don’t kick him when he was down. He still kept trying – he brought in Dr Scott Atlas, he wanted the economy to open up again, he was even right about hydroxychloroquine. The full “covid” mass hysteria story has not yet been written, nor can it with the media and deep state out or stop it right now.

      Everyone got punked and damaged by the Democrat “covid” hoax. But they won, so that seems to be all the Democrat ethos needs, yet again.

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