(Survey) US: Best hospital in each state per Newsweek

The following is from Becker’s Hospital Review.

Newsweek has released the top 600 U.S. hospitals ranked by state, sorted by a score that factors recommendations, patient experience, quality and patient-reported outcome measures. 

Hospitals from every U.S. state were eligible for the 2024 ranking and included in the nationwide survey except for those with a 1-star rating from CMS. 

Newsweek partnered with Statista to conduct a national online survey for the rankings, in which tens of thousands of healthcare professionals were asked to recommend the leading hospitals from their respective state. (Recommendations for their own employer were not allowed.)

A score was assigned to each hospital based on the number of recommendations received, which ultimately accounts for 40% of the overall score. 

See rankings below and link to article here.

1. UAB Hospital (Birmingham): 89.91% 

1. Fairbanks (Alaska) Memorial Hospital: 78.63%

1. Mayo Clinic – Phoenix: 91.84% 

1. Mercy Hospital Northwest Arkansas (Rogers): 75.39%

1. UCLA Health – Ronald Reagan Medical Center (Los Angeles): 96.78%

1. University of Colorado Hospital (Aurora): 87.18%

1. Yale New Haven (Conn.) Hospital: 83.70%

1. Christiana Hospital (Newark): 78.99%

District of Columbia 
1. MedStar Georgetown University Hospital: 82.94%

1. Mayo Clinic – Jacksonville: 91.34% 

1. Emory University Hospital (Atlanta): 92.02% 

1. The Queen’s Medical Center (Honolulu): 80.95%

1. St. Luke’s Boise Medical Center (Boise): 81.66%

1. Northwestern Memorial Hospital (Chicago): 93.94% 

1. Indiana University Health West Hospital (Avon): 88.61% 

1. University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (Iowa City): 89.44% 

1. University of Kansas Hospital (Kansas City): 91.14% 

1. University of Kentucky – Albert B. Chandler Hospital (Lexington): 87.16%

1. Willis Knighton Medical Center (Shreveport): 85.34%

1. Maine Medical Center (Portland): 83.52%

1. The Johns Hopkins Hospital (Baltimore): 93.06% 

1. Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston): 93.08%

1. University of Michigan Hospitals – Michigan Medicine (Ann Arbor): 96.44% 

1. Mayo Clinic (Rochester): 98%

1. Baptist Memorial Hospital Union County (New Albany): 79.66%

1. Barnes-Jewish Hospital (St. Louis): 92.95%

1. St. Patrick Hospital (Missoula): 85.19%

1. Nebraska Medicine – Nebraska Medical Center (Omaha): 85.54%

1. Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center (Reno): 75.95% 

New Hampshire
1. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (Lebanon): 80.25%

New Jersey
1. Morristown (N.J.) Medical Center: 86.80%

New Mexico
1. Presbyterian Hospital (Albuquerque): 75.98%

New York
1. The Mount Sinai Hospital (New York City): 92.89%

North Carolina
1. Duke University Hospital (Durham): 92.40% 

North Dakota
1. Sanford Medical Center (Bismarck): 77.25%

1. Cleveland Clinic: 94.22%

1. Saint Francis Hospital (Tulsa): 82.74%

1. OHSU Hospital (Portland): 90.52% 

1. Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania – Penn Presbyterian (Philadelphia): 94.17% 

Rhode Island
1. Rhode Island Hospital (Providence): 81.39%

South Carolina
1. MUSC Health-University Medical Center (Charleston): 83.88%

South Dakota
1. Sanford USD Medical Center (Sioux Falls): 84.91%

1. Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Nashville): 90.92%

1. Houston Methodist Hospital:n 93.71% 

1. University of Utah Hospital (Salt Lake City): 91.09%

1. The University of Vermont Medical Center (Burlington): 80.04%

1. University of Virginia Medical Center (Charlottesville): 83.87%

1. University of Washington Medical Center (Seattle): 88.98%

West Virginia
1. WVU Medicine (Morgantown): 78.37%

1. University of Wisconsin Hospitals (Madison): 92.60%

1. St. John’s Health (Jackson): 78.08% 

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10 thoughts on “(Survey) US: Best hospital in each state per Newsweek”

  1. Still, keep in mind…
    Any of these places might have been the most effective killing organization in their state during, and even prior to, the last 4 years.
    I wouldn’t be caught dead going to a hospital.

    1. Bill,
      If you are sick enough you’ll welcome the services academic medical centers can provide. We have had family members over the years, with cancer, with broken bones, with severe Covid and pneumonia who are walking around, CURED, and as good as new, thanks to hospital intervention.

  2. The best hospitals in the nation are the ones I never enter! In essence taking care of one’s personal health is better than any hospital.
    Are any hospitals not profit driven enterprises, I think NOT, since every hospital has administrative directors who’s main job is to make money. This leads to doctors more focused on the bottom line than the health of the patient.

    1. The people running the hospitals, retail pharmacies, all physicians, the drug companies producing the Covd vaccines, the goverment agencies and their physican bureaucrats and the corrupt print. electronic and social media who believe and have pushed the “safe and effective” story,, are either so stupid that they allowed this worldwide genocide travisity or are most concerned with their bottomline, to push the well proven and debuncked narrative.. If i was a cynic, which I am not, I would look at this as the greatest Business Develope strategy ever planned and executed. Given the long-term negative medical impact, despite the massive damage that has been done and will continue, have ensured themselves of a steady and growing patient base to keep the dollars flowing.

  3. I would not go to Mass General Hospital if you paid me
    I got misdiagnosed there three times, once they tried to give me a medicine I know causes suicides and they killed my sister.
    not to mention in the 1800’s they did lobotomies on people and you can feel it in the atmosphere there!
    Best hospital in MASS I would say there are two- Boston Medical Center and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center- the rest are shit!
    I have lived here all my life- trust me- they are wrong on this list.

  4. CDC is located on the Emory campus. A CDC employee once told me that another employee was tasked with taking her to the hospital during the workday, and she wondered why that employee turned away from Emory Hospital and took her to Piedmont Hospital. The other employee explained that Piedmont was the preferred hospital at that time. — Among healthcare workers, in general, at least in the 1980s and 1990s, Piedmont Hospital and St. Joseph’s were considered the best. Now you can see the degradation in care all around with the bean counters in charge.

  5. I couldn’t disagree more with a positive assessment of Morristown Hospital in New Jersey. Last time I walked out of there, I told my wife; “I’ll stay home and die on my couch before I ever go there again”.
    Currently that applies to any and all hospitals. But especially that den of murdering thieves.

  6. I couldn’t disagree more with a positive assessment of Morristown Hospital in New Jersey. Last time I walked out of there, I told my wife; “I’ll stay home and die on my couch before I ever go there again”.
    Currently that applies to any and all hospitals. But especially that den of murdering thieves.

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