(POLL) Should Republicans cancel remaining debates?

Although most voters say they expect to watch the next debate among Republican presidential candidates in Miami, Florida, more than half of GOP voters agree with a suggestion that the Republican National Committee should cancel “all future debates.”

That’s according to Rasmussen Reports.

The survey finds that 55% of likely voters say they are likely to watch the November 8 Republican debate, including 26% who say they are very likely to watch it.

Forty-two percent (42%) say they’re unlikely to watch the next GOP debate, including 21% who say they are not at all likely to watch it.

Two-thirds (66%) of Republican voters say they are at least somewhat likely to watch the debate in Miami.

Donald Trump, far and away the frontrunner, hasn’t been willing to take part in the debates so far.

Last month, Susie Wiles and Chris LaCivita, advisers to Trump said “The Republican National Committee should immediately cancel the upcoming debate in Miami and end all future debates in order to refocus its manpower and money” on defeating President Joe Biden in 2024. 

Forty-percent (40%) of likely voters say they agree, including 21% who “strongly agree.”

Fifty-one percent (51%) say they disagree with canceling the GOP debates, including 39% who “strongly disagree.”

Among Republican voters, however, 52% agree that “all future debates” should be canceled, including 31% who Strongly Agree.

To see survey question wording, click here.

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8 thoughts on “(POLL) Should Republicans cancel remaining debates?”

  1. Your article contradicts itself.

    “more than half of GOP voters agree with a suggestion that the Republican National Committee should cancel “all future debates.”

    “Fifty-one percent (51%) say they disagree with canceling the GOP debates, “

  2. A waste of time. For the last four years President Trump put in place a 2024 re-election campaign group. and funding. The rest of the field have no such thing.

  3. How does the RNC come to the place that a Republican can just ignore their debates? I used to think the Republicans had greater moral standing than the Dems, but apparently Biden’s stay-in-the-cellar strategy is good enough for them too. It would be nice to hear Trump tell us how the next 4 years will be different than his last 4 in the White House.
    I know I’m only about 4% of the voting public, but if Trump is nominated I’m going to move on to a third party. I can’t vote for Trump a third time. And I think the 4% of us will sink his chances in the National.
    These are serious times and we have seriously intelligent people running, unfortunately Trump is not one of them. I have grown tired of the Republicans having good choices but always (since Reagan) choosing the other guy.
    Very few want a Biden v Trump rematch. It should be the RNC’s job to act on that and make Trump debate or tell him there will be no help for him if he doesn’t.

    1. So you would be okay with a second Biden/Harris term which would likely end up with Kamala Harris being the controlled puppet? Or a Gavin Newsome presidency that could socialize the nation much like California?
      Sorry but I cannot accept that. No third party will prevent either a democrat or a republican from winning the presidency, the numbers just do not bear that out. It would most likely be a democrat winning if your 4% vote 3rd party or just sit out the election.
      If you voted for Trump twice already, you must have seen the good despite the obnoxius speech and tweets. I take Trump policies, which most GOP contenders are also promoting, over any and I do mean ANY democrat!

      1. I have never not voted Republican for President. So this is a big step for me. I truly believe Trump would be worse than a Dem this time. (And I don’t understand why more people don’t see it.) All the arguments are what Trump will do. Well, DeSantis will do the same (and probably be more to the right) as Trump. But DeSantis will not alienate his own party. We could have voted down ObamaCare if Trump had not insulted McCain. I didn’t like McCain either but we need to go after Dems, not Reps. It will be more of the same. Trump will assemble bad people, bully them when they fail, and then complain when they won’t vote for his policies. So it’ll be all executive orders again. At least with a Dem in office we’ll all be on the same side. The ONLY hope is if the Reps wake up and nominate DeSantis. We can all get behind him. Trump as the nominee will just lose again. And the country will be too far gone by then.

    2. Well, the RNC is not “helping” him in anyway now. In fact they have actively worked with democrats to stop him from running. So why should he Participate in their pathetic choices debates. These people can’t get more than 8%. I realize it is better than Kamala’s 1.9% and yet due to massive voter fraud and election interference and computer manipulation she was installed with Basement Biden, If the elections are not cleaned up it will never again matter if or who you vote for. Trump is determined to fix that. That alone is worth voting for him.

  4. Do the GOP debates truly matter? From what I have heard they all promote the same policies that Trump has, many of which he had implemented prior to COVID. Only difference the hopefuls claim to offer, is a ‘kinder more gentle’ presentation of those same policies.
    Based on the deep rooted muck in the federal government today, how effective would a ‘kinder more gentle’ approch be. Trump is a fighter and he is showing he will NOT back down to the corruption in DC. IMO he is the one we need to hit hard at all those swamp creatures, democrats and RINOs.

    If we never had 4 years of Trump and MAGA, would we now have a Speaker Johnson who it taking the proper course to control wasteful spending? We must have a change in 2024 and it begins with Trump.

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