(POLL) 99%: Prioritize finding root causes of America’s epidemic of illnesses

Ninety-nine percent (99%) say that in US, we should put as much or more effort into finding out the causes behind so many mental and physical disorders, as we put into inventing drugs to treat them.

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com.

In a recent “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson” report, Dr. John Abramson of Harvards discusses the unique health emergencies happening in America. he shares evidence from his research and his latest book indicating that 96% of our research dollars goes towards studying new drugs and devices, which are profit-driven decisions, and very little effort is put into preventing the illnesses and finding their root causes.

Meantime, the US spends more than double the average on health care that comparable countries where the citizens aren’t as sick, nearly $13,000 per person a year. Japan spends far less and people live, on average, 8 years longer.

Watch Full Measure story Failing Health.

Full results are below. Be sure to answer the newest poll at SharylAttkisson.com. Look for the black box on the right sidebar on your computer or scroll way down on your mobile device.

We should put as much/more effort into finding out the causes behind so many mental and physical disorders as we put into inventing drugs to treat them.

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7 thoughts on “(POLL) 99%: Prioritize finding root causes of America’s epidemic of illnesses”

  1. Sharyl
    That’s a great poll and result. However, I will predict that 99% of the respondents will not believe, nor like the results of said research.
    Horrible diets, sedentary life styles and awful mental/spiritual lives.
    Fix those and 80 to 90% of current “health” issues would disappear.
    Thanks for the great work you do.

  2. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    Like him or not – George HW said: “the best thing Americans can do to be healthy is to stop eating and drinking and smoking so much…..” Well George – you had some wisdoms, but you left out an important component to health – especially mental health. I’m referring to the TOP SECRET attempt to Kontrolle the minds of Americans by way of Electro-Shock and LSD. The destruction of the mk/ultra files in 1973 by Richard Helms was the single largest sequence of crimes ever committed by the USA Government. RICO be damned. Now consider the other TOP SECRET programs described by Richard Doty in his interview with DR, GREER, where he describes the US Gov program to stifle discussion by citizens who reported observing Unidentified Flying Objects. Doty told about how UFO witnesses were subjected to a myriad of crimes in the government’s effort to silence the discussion about flying saucers. One man, id as Benowitz, sp. was driven to commit suicide. It sounds like murder. Is there a connection to the LSD programs and the program to destroy minds of UFO witnesses? Not according to the self described expert Mr. Hastings, who wrongly stated there is no connections to UFOs hanging around nuclear facilities, and any mind control programs. Oh Really ?

  3. The main problem is that taxpayers are subsidizing all the things that make us sick — processed foods, drugs and injections! So we need to have tax incentives to grow clean food (organic / biodynamic / regenerative) without chemicals — then we could all be naturally healthy, and save the drugs for when they are really needed instead of mainlining them to any creature that moves!!

  4. The root causes of most mental and physical disorders comes down to Democrats. While it can be argued that some of their ideas could be well intentioned, the execution of their programs are fatally flawed.

    Since the 1950’s Democrats instituted and funded their “Great Society” scheme. While, arguably, somewhat noble in concept, the result is a chronic welfare class that has no ambition, no motivation, to apply themselves and make their lives better. It contributed to the destruction of families, as funds would not go to married couples, so single parent households became the norm.

    Try to hold recipients accountable to the program and they hide behind their children. It’s incentivized irresponsible breeding so people feel free to abdicate their responsibility to their children, and to society.

    It’s the same with health. “Health” insurance disincentivizes people to be responsible for their own health since they’re not paying for it. Insurance will pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per month to treat hypertension, diabetes, stress, etc. but won’t pay a dime for a gym membership and consultations with a personal trainer. Never mind incentivizing people to go to the gym via increased co-pays if they don’t

    We force our young kids, known for high levels of energy, to sit in classrooms with no playground time, no daily gym or physical activity, then medicate them into submission. Indoctrinating them early into the drug culture. Not to mention that we tell them video games are REAL sports.

    Government in general, Democrats in particular, have destroyed almost everything it/they touch. Equality in outcomes results in pandering to the least common denominator, the dumbest and least ambitious.

    A college education is a good thing, but FREE money for college has caused the cost of it to explode. Then add courses such as gender studies so even the dumbest can pay for a degree.

    It’s become a badge of honor, as well as lazy parenting, for someone to have some kind of illness, a crutch for not succeeding, for not excelling. Instead of paying attention to and disciplining, our kids, many drug them into compliance, which also saps their ambition and creativity and indoctrinates them into being lazy and dependent on chemicals.

    If we look at the centers of crime (including violent crime), drug abuse, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, poverty, gangs, almost all (if not all) are run by Democrats (and most have been for decades)

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