After Hours: Maddie De Garay: The Covid Vaccine’s First Child Injury? (Podcast)

Maddie De Garay was just 12 years old when her parents agreed to enroll her in Pfizer’s Covid vaccine study. When she became deathly ill, the family found out just how far Pfizer, the study officials, and the government would go to try to erase her from the public discussion.

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5 thoughts on “After Hours: Maddie De Garay: The Covid Vaccine’s First Child Injury? (Podcast)”

  1. This is what happens when parents completely trust the main stream media. The inventor of the mRNA technology Robert Malone said children should NOT be given the EXPERIMENTAL vaccine. Simply because the virus needs the ACE2 receptor to be present in order for the virus to develop. Childrens’ ACE2 receptors are not fully developed enough for the virus to have an effect.

  2. The #1 Woke Pediatric Hospital did this to her! Cincinnati Childrens’s Hospital! How did they get to be #1 you might ask? Based on DEI, NOT merit! BTW, in the Cchmc top notch research building, there’s a lab that has all Chinese employees, except 1, working 12-16 hours a day, 24/7. Not funded by Cchmc but by CCP! What’s up with that??

    Sheryl, I would like that article you wrote about #1 Cchmc hospital!

  3. Look into nicotine study. Alpha7 receptor sites. Reversal of long c-o-v-I-d and injury from s-hots.
    Advise Maddie to take the nicotine gum for a few days, very low dose can cut in half.

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