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(CDC) 150+ babies, pregnant women given wrong RSV vaccine

The following is from Becker’s Hospital Review.

More than 25 infants under 8 months old and 128 pregnant women received the incorrect respiratory syncytial virus vaccines, the CDC warned clinicians via email Jan. 22. 

The 128 pregnant women received Arexvy, which is also an RSV vaccine, just not the one which is FDA approved for administration during pregnancy. Arexvy is only approved for administration in adults over 60 years of age. 

The only RSV vaccine approved for pregnant women is Abrysvo. 

The administration errors were reported to the agency’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, but actual onset of side effects from the vaccine errors were described as “nonserious”, according to the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. 

In its email to clinicians, CDC recommends anyone who administered the incorrect vaccine should give a dose of Beyfortus, a monoclonal antibody approved for both pregnant and pediatric patients.

Link to article here.

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2 thoughts on “(CDC) 150+ babies, pregnant women given wrong RSV vaccine”

  1. I am not making sense of this article. Something seems to be missing. The recommended drug name is not mentioned.
    However, how do several clinicians at several locations make the same mistake?
    Was there a labeling order from the CDC or the manufacturer?

  2. I was close to passing on this article but with all the FDA/CDC issues nowadays, I wondered if this might have something to do with a hospital failure or issues within the FDA. Could this be in someway a result of diversity in our education system (medical schools) and DEI in hiring practices? Unfortunately that is not answered in this article.

    So where was the mixup? The RSV jab approved for pregnancies is Abrysvo while the RSV jab given for non pregnant women and those over 60 is Arexvy.
    The following was taken from the CDC site
    An RSV vaccination given during pregnancy
    Pfizer’s bivalent RSVpreF vaccine (Abrysvo) is recommended for use during pregnancy (maternal RSV vaccine). It is given during RSV season to people who are 32 through 36 weeks pregnant.

    Any wonder the people have become wary of any information or advice coming from our own governement health agencies.

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