Covid Vaccine Cancer Alert (Podcast)

An important Covid vaccine cancer alert from Florida’s Surgeon General, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, and a question as to why the government is refusing to launch a giant data collection project at a historic time, in the interest of public safety.

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2 thoughts on “Covid Vaccine Cancer Alert (Podcast)”

  1. Meanwhile, the media continue to push the false narrative that we are in the midst of a “Covid wave.” I have been hearing this for five months (the Seattle Times repeated it today, Jan 11), yet the charts at Worldometer do not support the claim. New Covid cases in the US are running at less than 1/3rd the rate as this time last year and are about the same as they were in mid-August. Throughout the Fall, we saw minor ups and downs, but never anything that resembled a “surge,” i.e., a steep spike in cases.

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