Five For Fighting releases “OK” music video addressing Israel-Hamas conflict in Middle East initiated by events of Oct. 7

In the just released musical composition/video of “OK,” singer/songwriter John Ondrasik expresses his heartfelt view about the October 7th Hamas attacks in Israel, while addressing the cultural aftermath both in America and around the world.

John Ondrasik aka Five For Fighting penned the track for “OK” in the same vein as his previous songs, “Blood On My Hands”, about the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan; and “Can One Man Save The World?”, which was recorded in Kyiv in support of Ukraine.

John states, “’OK’ is not a political message, but a moral one. A call to action. The final image of the ‘OK’ music video is Martin Luther King and his historic call to every man and woman on this earth: ‘He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.’  Thankfully, as happens in the darkest of times, there are heroes in our midst. Some are in this video, several have names that we know, others will never be known.”

Michael Ramirez, two-time Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist, drew the cover image for the single.

Watch the video on YouTube HERE or X (formerly Twitter) HERE.

Below is Ondrasik’s full statement:

“On October 10th, 2023, the Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, made a powerful speech, decrying the celebrations of Hamas massacres across New York City. His words of conscience “We Are Not Alright” begin my new song and music video “OK,” which addresses the barbaric Hamas October 7 attacks in Israel, and the global fallout that resulted. Such is the theme of this song. In short, “We Are Not OK.”

We Are Not OK as a nation when certain members of Congress refuse to condemn terrorists who kidnap and decapitate babies.

We Are Not OK as a world when the United Nations General Assembly rejects a motion to condemn Hamas and U.N. General Secretary Antonio Guterres seeks to “contextualize” the brutal rapes, murders, kidnappings and terrorism of October 7.

We Are Not OK when legacy women’s rights groups and global organizations supposedly devoted to women’s human rights have little to no comment after grandmothers, women, and young girls are raped, tortured, and murdered.

We Are Not OK when concertgoers celebrating in the desert are raped, massacred, and kidnapped at a festival for peace – and the majority response from music industry executives, artists, and Hollywood are lawyered statements loaded with cowardly apathy.

We Are Not OK when our flagship universities become harbors for gross anti-Semitism and radicalization, headed by presidents, boards, and faculty steeped in moral and intellectual corruption, who lack the spine to simply declare right from wrong.

We Are Not OK when leading media platforms seem more focused on creating narratives of moral equivalency between the actions of Israeli Defense Forces and Hamas, rather than denouncing the barbarity and terrorism on Oct 7th and ignoring Palestinian innocents being used as human shields in hospitals and schools, built over terrorist tunnels, funded by international aid.

And on and on…

Clearly, the causes of the moral decline on our campuses, in our culture, and institutions have been growing and metastasizing for decades. An inability to clearly call out the horrors of Hamas’ terrorist atrocities is not the root of the problem; it is the symptom of a deeper decay.

We can look away no longer. Evil is on the march and wears many faces.

This is a time for choosing.

We Are Not OK.

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5 thoughts on “Five For Fighting releases “OK” music video addressing Israel-Hamas conflict in Middle East initiated by events of Oct. 7”

  1. I don’t think this song will become the ‘subject’ failure of John’s previous song, “Can One Man Save the World”, has become. This one is less political even though it calls out Hamas, it is more about the atrocities committed that day and the protests supporting a terrorist organization. Many were mistaken regarding Zelensky; or were we right in the beginning but Zelensky gave into the corruption that was Ukraine’s history?
    Ironically, the song “Can One Man Save the World” is better artistically than both “OK” and “Blood on My Hands”. It will likely get more play.

  2. Thank you for bringing this artist and this song to the world’s attention. People need to be aware of what was done to innocent Israelis. Hama bears the full brunt of what is happening in Gaza along with Iran.

  3. DGJ,

    Consider :

    Forwarded Message :

    From Michel Chossudovsky :

    – snip –

    2. Triggering “False Flags”
    Inciting Escalation in the Red Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean

    Let us be under no illusions. Remember Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11. “False Flags” are part of the history of modern warfare. They are sophisticated intelligence operations often requiring infiltration into enemy ranks.

    Starting in the immediate wake of the October 7, 2023 Hamas attack, US-NATO war ships –including aircraft carriers, combat planes, naval vessels have been deployed in both the Eastern Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

    These deployments have been described in chorus by the mainstream media as a response to “Palestine’s [alleged] Aggression against the Jewish State”.

    They are tagged as humanitarian undertakings: Coming to the rescue of Israel. Responsibility to Protect (R2P).

    The False Flag concept requires inciting your enemy or an armed jihadist group to confront or “attack America” thereby providing a justification to strike back in self defense: The Houthis in the Red Sea and Hezbollah in the Eastern Mediterranean both of which are allies of Iran.

    Trigger one or more incidents with a view to justifying a process of military escalation.

    In recent developments, the “False Flag agenda” has evolved towards US-NATO air and naval attacks against Yemen.

    “Sadeh, Zubaydah, Abs, Bani, Sana, Hudaydah, and Taiz have been attacked by American forces, initiating yet another war without Congressional approval, a branch of the US government emptied of power.

    The New York Times, of course, blames the expansion of the conflict on the Houthis for interfering with shipping to Israel.” (Paul Craig Roberts)

    The endgame is to incite Iran through various means to enter the Middle East battlefield, which would lead eventually to a process of escalation. The media is now using the term: “Iranian Proxies” in an ambivalent report by the NYT:

    – snip –


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