(GALLUP) 2023’s most notable findings

The following is from Gallup News.

This year was a momentous one to report on. From public opinion in the U.S. to views around the globe, 2023 was chock full of shifts creating some notable highs and lows.

Spanning U.S. politics and economics, global conflict, the workplace, wellbeing, and more, here are the 12 most notable findings our team uncovered this year.

1. Russia’s Soft Power Fades

As the war raged on in Ukraine, Russia lost much of its soft power around the world — even in many key parts of Europe and Central Asia. Whether it’s a decline in approval of Russia’s leadership or a decline in those identifying as Russian in key parts of Moscow’s historical sphere of influence, the war in Ukraine has cost Russia more than soldiers and hardware. 

2. China as Greatest Enemy of U.S.

This year was also defined by the growing tensions between China and the U.S. Despite efforts to quell those tensions throughout 2023, Americans perceive China as the No. 1 enemy to the U.S. 

3. The Manager Squeeze

In the workplace, we found that while disruptive change and fears of economic uncertainty loom large, the biggest threat to productivity and talent retention may be overwhelmed managers

4. Trust in Media

One of the mega trends of our times unfolding in the U.S. has been the collapse in public confidence in the news that Americans consume. A record-high 39% say they have no trust at all in the media.

5. NATO and EU Aspirations

Another outcome of the war in Ukraine in 2023 has been the growth of NATO to include Finland. Ukrainians have recently moved one step closer to joining the EU, with the EU agreeing to start negotiations. 

6. Public Confidence in the U.S. Supreme Court

After overturning the landmark abortion decision Roe v. Wade last year, public confidence in the U.S. Supreme Court remains at a relative low. 

7. Safety of Money in Banks

On the economic front, amid a series of bank failures earlier this year, we discovered that nearly half of Americans were worried about the safety of their cash in U.S. banks

8. Young Adults Drinking Less

As mocktails became all the rage in 2023, a three-year analysis of our drinking habits data revealed that younger Americans reported drinking less than previous generations of young adults. With the legalization of marijuana and other substances, this trend may have been partly explained by young people’s reliance on other substances that are now easier to access. 

9. Black Life and Tainted Water

One of the most important findings of the year out of the Gallup Center on Black Voices was the relatively high concern among Black and Hispanic Americans about pollution in the water they drink

10. Watching Our Weight

With the New Year’s resolution season upon us, we took a longer look at how Americans are doing when it comes to their physical health and found a six-point increase since 2019 in the percentage of U.S. adults falling into the “obese” category. 

11. Bad Grades for Higher Education

Our coverage this year also revealed a consistent decline in Americans’ confidence in higher education institutions. What has been described by many as the great equalizer in American society is facing an image crisis as the rate of those expressing a great deal of confidence in colleges and universities declined for a third time.

12. Party ID Shifting?

Our reporting this year found a slight rebound in 2022 in the percentage of U.S. adults identifying as Republicans. But the real elephant in the room is that dotted line, showing the staying power in the percentage of those identifying as independents.

Read Gallup’s full analysis and view all graphs here.

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  1. Found this video in a link from a show this morning, it showed the dirty tricks played in Arizona to keep Kari Lake out of the governor’s house: https://state-of-denial.com/movie/ Washington state also had some ballot fakery and we ended up with a person voted as the state’s worst governor!

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