Media Mistakes Against Trump Redux (Podcast)

Buckle your seatbelt: we’re in for another disturbing round of media mistakes in the era of Trump. In today’s podcast, Sharyl analyzes one of the worst episodes of fake news against Trump on a very long list.

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1 thought on “Media Mistakes Against Trump Redux (Podcast)”

  1. Sorry Sharyl, I lived in South Korea for 14 years, 91-06. I still have family there and follow it fairly close. I can attest that SK was no more a combat zone than Japan or Germany had been for the last 70 years even though they are under an armistice that has not ended the war.
    At least it has not been until recent times with Kim Jung Un saber rattling which may be serious as China’s Xi threatens to take Taiwan by force if necessary. For more information regarding the current situation I recommend the website 38North or the recent Wright Report podcast of 19Jan2024

    I understand the dual system of reporting by the media and the hypocrisy of the same.
    I love your reporting and the ‘headlines that should have been’ are spot on. Trump will never get a fair shake in the media. Even GW Bush is getting better coverage now than he did as POTUS when the leftist propaganda compare him with Trump.

    Contrary to a comment on a recent article you posted, you are one of the most fair and balanced today.
    Keep the excellent reporting.

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