Ohio proposes regulating ‘gender denying’ treatments

Ohio is the latest battleground over controversial treatments for males who wish to appear as females or vice versa. Supporters call it “gender affirming care” while critics call it “gender denying.”

If some of the proposals supported by Governor Mike DeWine are enacted, Ohio will become the newest state to place restrictions on such treatments for either adults or children. The treatments include hormone therapies that have proven dangerous under some circumstances and aren’t FDA-approved for use in gender dysphoria, long labelled as a mental illness by the American Psychiatric Association. Treatments may also include disfiguring surgeries intended to mimic the appearance of the opposite sex.

Transgender activists say these treatments are critical to improving the mental health and lives of the afflicted, while opponents say the treatments are dangerous, unethical, and often the subject of regret in the long run for those who get them.

The new proposed policies come from the Ohio Departments of Health, and Mental Health and Addiction Services. They require young patients to get mental health counseling before any gender-related surgery or treatments. They also establish a process for facilities offering the treatments to enact plans developed by specialists including endocrinologists (who study hormones and their impacts), psychiatrists, and medical ethicists.

The proposals would reportedly not halt treatment for people who are already getting it.

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1 thought on “Ohio proposes regulating ‘gender denying’ treatments”

  1. They call it ‘gender affirming ‘ care but in reality , it’s gender destroying care as it usually eliminates a persons’ ability to reproduce . It seems that much of what the Liberal media says these days is the exact opposite of what they claim . Abortion is another example of this ‘Oppo-Speech ‘ . They claim it’s a womans’ need for healthcare which , in some cases it is but in the vast majority of cases , it’s ‘ death care ‘ for the fetuses and a convenient option for the mother . The placement of free abortion clinics in every poor and mostly black sections of cities throughout the country by people who claim that Black Lives Matter further illustrates the hypocrisy of these Godless ‘ Oppo-speakers ‘.

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