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(POLL) High hopes for 2024 after disappointing 2023

2023 didn’t live up to expectations for most Americans, but many say they are still optimistic about 2024.

That’s according to Rasmussen Reports.

The survey finds that just 3% of American adults rated 2023 one of the best years ever.

Ten percent (10%) say they thought it was an excellent year and 21% rated 2023 as a good year.

Thirty-seven percent (37%) of Americans give 2023 a poor rating.  

The 34% who rate 2023 at least a good year is slightly down from last year, when 37% said the same about 2022.

Looking ahead, 44% of Americans say they expect next year to be at least a good year, including 10% who expect 2024 to be excellent and eight percent (8%) who say they think it will be one of the best years ever.

Twenty-six percent (26%) say they believe 2024 will be a poor year.

To see survey question wording, click here.

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