(POLL) ‘Bidenomics’ has negative connotation and helps Trump in 2024

By a wide margin, more voters say “Bidenomics” has a negative connotation and will help Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential campaign than believe it will help Joe Biden win reelection.

That’s according Rasmussen Reports.

The survey finds just 26% of likely voters say they think “Bidenomics” will help Biden win this year’s presidential election, while 44% say it will help Trump win.

Twenty-three percent (23%) say they believe “Bidenomics” will not make much difference in the presidential campaign.

Biden himself has repeatedly used the word “Bidenomics” to describe his economic policy agenda.

Forty-two percent (42%) of voters say they approve of “Bidenomics,” including 23% who say they “strongly approve.”

But a majority (51%) say they disapprove, including 40% who say they “strongly disapprove” of “Bidenomics.”

Nearly half (48%) of voters say Biden’s economic policies are worse than Trump’s policies, while 36% say they believe Biden’s economic policies are better.

Nine percent (9%) say they think the Biden and Trump economic policies are pretty much the same.

To see survey question wording, click here.

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1 thought on “(POLL) ‘Bidenomics’ has negative connotation and helps Trump in 2024”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    Conservatives – the “Stupid Party,” according
    to the late NeoConservative Samuel Francis –
    remain UNINVENTIVE in the culture war’s
    NAME-Game; e.g., a one-letter changed in this
    sentence would have defeated Biden’s econ-
    omics :

    “Biden himself has repeatedly used the
    word ‘Bidenomics’ to describe his
    economic policy agenda.”

    Well, simply add one letter :


    Also, whenever writing of Biden’s
    supposed win—write of his
    “(s)election” in 2020.

    And stop using, “ABORTION,” to
    describe B A B Y C I D E (( I’ve a
    list of 70, or so, LEFTIST terms
    which defeat the Right in the
    PROPAGANDA war of words )).

    By the way, it’s “DePlanned” Parenthood
    and “De-Productive” Rights whenever a
    wombed baby is murdered ( out of mere
    whim, as means to birth control ).



    And women remain insanely tolerant
    of PORN industries’ VULGAR/Demonic
    assaults on the sacredness of means to
    creating a baby. Children who access
    it on Google and DuckDuckGo are in
    need of years of PSYCHOTHERAPY
    ( and snuff films are still produced—
    read/study “The Franklin Coverup” ).

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