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(READ) Racist teachings from academic leaders on American college campuses

The following is a news analysis.

Below is a guide provided to students at one US college. To those who haven’t attended college in some years, the content is likely shocking and offensive in its racist nature. The academic leaders who write and promote the information present it as the antidote to racism when it is, instead, the very definition of promulgating racism. They do so with impunity because of who they target with their racism and hatred. It is nothing short of dangerous indoctrination. But students and faculty are afraid to call it what it is for fear of putting their jobs or education in jeopardy.

It is the job of the Dept. of Education and Congress to prevent these sort of sentiments from being taught at public institutions or private institutions that have tax benefits such as nonprofit status. Yet nobody seems to be on task.

You can read the “Quick Guide to the -isms and -phobias” provided to students below. You can see that the harmful content is written in a way that is designed to be accepted, as is, without question. There is no room left for discussion, or for students to raise the obvious racism and discrimination being promoted.

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A Quick Guide to the -isms and -phobias

-Isms and -Phobias are discriminatory (and often hostile) beliefs and behaviors based in stereotypes, fear and ignorance. These are some of the most common ones.

Racism – Discrimination against people of color because of their race.

·       Individual racism  refers to the beliefs, attitudes and actions of individuals that support or perpetuate racism in conscious and unconscious ways. The U.S. cultural narrative about racism typically focuses on individual racism and fails to recognize systemic or institutional racism.

·       Interpersonal racism  occurs between individuals. These are public expressions of racism, often involving slurs, biases, or hateful words or actions. 

·       Institutional racism  occurs in an organization. These are discriminatory treatments, unfair policies, or biased practices based on race that result in inequitable outcomes for whites over people of color and extend considerably beyond prejudice. These institutional policies often never mention any racial group, but the intent is to create advantages

·       Structural racism is the overarching system of racial bias across institutions and society. These systems give privileges to white people resulting in disadvantages to people of color.

Colorism – Within-group and between-group discrimination against people of color with darker skin tones, and giving preference to people of color with lighter skin tones.

Tokenism – The practice of using people of color in a symbolic gesture to avoid criticism or being called racist.

Anti-Semitism – Discrimination against a Jewish people or people perceived to be Jewish because of their affiliation to Judaism.

Sexism – Discrimination against women and girls because of their sex.

Ableism – Discrimination against people with impaired or limited abilities because of their physical abilities.

Ageism – Discrimination against older populations because of their age and perceived competence or capabilities.

Classism – Discrimination against people of lower class because of their economic status.

Elitism – Discrimination against people believed to be “less than” in terms of education, money, job status/position, etc.

Heterosexism/Homophobia – Discrimination against non-heterosexual people because of their sexuality.

Transphobia – Discrimination against transpeople or gender non-conforming people because of their gender identity.

Xenophobia – Discrimination against people from other countries or anyone deemed “foreign” because of their immigrant or visitor status.

Islamophobia – Discrimination against anyone practicing or perceived to be a practitioner of Islam because of their religious affiliation.

Atheophobia – Discrimination against anyone who identifies as Atheist or is perceived to be Atheist because of their lack of religious affiliation.

Fatphobia – Discrimination against people with bigger bodies because of their size.

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2 thoughts on “(READ) Racist teachings from academic leaders on American college campuses”

  1. You asked for comments: I’m completely mystified by your analysis. I read this carefully, and didn’t see anything racist. I’m completely at a loss to know what you’re talking about. The description of “institutional racism” was very poorly worded and makes no sense, but it didn’t seem to be racist. The other entries were straightforward and clear. The list doesn’t characterize white people as “racist” and makes no specific characterizations of any individual or group. You write about “who they target with their racism and hatred” but the list doesn’t express hatred towards anyone. It describes racism, and pretty clearly overall, but it doesn’t target anyone in a racist manner. I’m stumped.

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