(READ) Republican responds to ‘ethical and campaign finance concerns’ raised in interview with Hunter Biden’s lawyer

An interview with Hunter Biden attorney Kevin Morris before the House Oversight Committee is said to have confirmed reporting about $5 million in loans from Morris to Hunter Biden. It also reportedly confirmed that Morris worked to limit the political risk related to the first son’s tax returns.

The loans from Morris to Biden raise ethical and campaign finance concerns for his father, President Joe Biden, alleges House Oversight Chairman James Comer, a Kentucky Republican. 

The same concerns were raised previously by IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, who testified on Capitol Hill that their team had begun to look into possible campaign finance violations related to Morris’ payments but were called off by the Justice Department under both the Trump and Biden administrations, and the Delaware US Attorney’s Office.

Read Comer’s statement below:

“Kevin Morris’s massive financial support to Hunter Biden raises ethical and campaign finance concerns for President Joe Biden. Shortly after meeting Hunter Biden at a Joe Biden campaign event in 2019, Kevin Morris began paying Hunter Biden’s tax liability to insulate then-presidential candidate Joe Biden from political liability. Kevin Morris admitted he has ‘loaned’ the president’s son at least $5 million. These ‘loans’ don’t have to be repaid until after the next presidential election and the ‘loans’ may ultimately be forgiven. Since Kevin Morris has kept President Biden’s son financially afloat, he’s had access to the Biden White House and has spoken to President Biden. This follows a familiar pattern where Hunter Biden’s associates have access to Joe Biden himself. As we continue more interviews this month and the next, we will continue to follow the facts to understand the full scope of President Biden and his family’s corruption.” 

Background Information

Lanette Phillips, a Hollywood producer, introduced Kevin Morris, a Hollywood lawyer, and Hunter Biden at a campaign event for Joe Biden in the winter of 2019 at her home in Los Angeles, California. Joe Biden spoke and Kevin Morris donated money at the event.

A week after the event, Lanette Phillips called Kevin Morris and they discussed Hunter Biden’s “entertainment” issue. Kevin Morris then went to Hunter Biden’s residence in Los Angeles. 

When Kevin Morris began giving money to Hunter Biden in January 2020, there was no written agreement. They prepared an agreement well after Kevin Morris gave Hunter Biden money.

On February 7, 2020, approximately ten months before the presidential election, Morris emailed tax accountants and Hunter Biden’s advisors, saying “[w]e are under considerable risk personally and politically to get the returns in.” 

Hunter Biden did not pay his tax liability for years; Kevin Morris paid them.

Hunter Biden has sold roughly $1.5 million dollars of art, and half of it was purchased by Kevin Morris to reduce the money Hunter owed him. Kevin Morris also bought two art pieces from Hunter Biden before he had a gallerist.

Kevin Morris’s financial support to Hunter Biden includes payments to his ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle, and the mother of his child, Lunden Roberts.

Kevin Morris admitted the “loans” he provided to Hunter Biden do not have to be repaid until 2025, after the next presidential election, and could be forgiven. 

Despite donating $500,000 to $700,000 to Democrats, the only time Kevin Morris went to the White House occurred during the Biden Administration.

Hunter Biden gave him a tour of the White House, attended a wedding at the White House, and went to the White House’s Fourth of July picnic. 

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