(READ) Trump Campaign Statement On Supreme Court Decision To Hear Colorado Ballot Case

Donald Trump is one of the most important political figures of the day and, arguably, the most important Republican in national politics. But many in the media have taken the historic step of censoring him. For that reason, one of our goals is to publish information about Trump that is otherwise difficult-to-find.

– January 5, 2024 – 
Trump Campaign Statement On Supreme Court Decision To Hear Colorado Ballot Case
“We welcome a fair hearing at the Supreme Court to argue against the bad-faith, election-interfering, voter-suppressing, Democrat-backed and Biden-led, 14th Amendment abusing decision to remove President Trump’s name from the 2024 ballot in the state of Colorado. The so-called “ballot-challenge cases” are all part of a well-funded effort by left-wing, political activists hell-bent on stopping the lawful reelection of President Trump this November, even if it means disenfranchising voters. President Trump is dominating the polls, and the Biden presidency has failed all Americans. We are confident that the fair-minded Supreme Court will unanimously affirm the civil rights of President Trump, and the voting rights of all Americans in a ruling that will squash all of the remaining ballot challenge hoaxes once and for all.” — Steven Cheung, Trump Spokesman

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3 thoughts on “(READ) Trump Campaign Statement On Supreme Court Decision To Hear Colorado Ballot Case”

  1. Jeffrey Lawrence Olson

    If the Supreme Court doesn’t “quash” this anti-Trump insanity, we will know it’s corrupt to its core.

  2. After watching your ‘Full Measure’ broadcast this morning (we get two showings locally, one at 9 AM and a re-showing at 9:30 PM) with the LEAD story about the ALLEGED ‘Election Integrity Project,’ (EIP) I decided to Email some friends and family to make sure that THEY DIDN’T MISS an opportunity to see THAT segment especially.

    To make sure that I ALSO had the WEBSITE address for ‘Full Measure’ correct, so they could ALSO refer to THAT if they didn’t have, or somehow missed, your broadcast in THEIR local area, I ‘pulled it up’ to check it.
    Doing a ‘functional check.’ HERE’s WHAT HAPPENED: with three (3) tries, EACH time your Introductory screen appeared on my Computer Monitor – for about 1 or 2 SECONDS …THEN the screen went TOTALLY BLANK !!

    My web browser is Mozilla, and I use ‘DuckDuckGo’ to avoid undesired/unauthorized monitoring. But I’ve NEVER experienced this before with ANYTHING, and that is NOT CONSISTENT with any of their professed practices.
    My Internet connection is thru Cox.net – is it possible that THEY ARE the culprits; are THEY working in concert with the EIP to CENSOR your message on the INTERNET ??

    For what its worth, I also did an ‘Internet Search’ on the EIP to see WHAT IT would turn up.
    TOP Item from the search was the “home website” for the EIP itself (https://www.eiproject.org/). It had a rather SAPPY, innocent-sounding intro “Seeking answers and truth” and “Here at Election Integrity Project, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for all. ” The NEXT PARAGRAPH introduces ‘general topics or subjects’ that I doubt MOST people would immediately RELATE TO the FUNCTIONAL description of what the House JUDICIARY COMMITTEE found (which is consistent with what MANY OF US have FREQUENTLY OBSERVED in NUMEROUS actions…).
    These subjects are “Ways We Help, Meaningful Work,. Unforgettable Experiences, Homeless Outreach, Food Donation Drop-Off, Health Clinic.” All VERY laudable projects ON THEIR OWN – but it REEKS of running a VERY INNOCENT-looking COVER for what they HAVE BEEN doing ??

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