Illegal border crossers come ashore at Shelby

Texas border standoff escalates as feds demand access

The Department of Homeland Security has reportedly written Texas state officials, demanding access to a space where US Customs and Border Protection has let in hundreds of thousands of illegal border crossers in recent years.

Texas officials recently blocked federal agents from the space, known as the Shelby Park area in Eagle Pass, Texas, to stop the unprecedented flow of illegal crossings.

According to, a letter sent to Texas officials by the Biden administration states, in part:

“The Department acquired permanent real estate interests in and around Eagle Pass in 2008 to support the construction and maintenance of border barriers in and around the Shelby Park area,” Meyer wrote. “Because the Department owns property rights to the areas depicted on the attached map, we demand that you immediately remove any and all obstructions on it, which include the access points into Shelby Park.”

Also in the letter, according to, Homeland Security specifically asked the following of Texas officials:

  • Access to Eagle Pass International Bridge Port of Entry II, also known as Camino Real International Bridge, from the Loop 480 access road, 24 hours a day. This is to include the area beneath the port of entry as well.
  • Access through the federal border barrier entrances on Ford Street, Main Street, near the intersection of Rio Grande Street and Ryan Street, and the two entrances on the end of Ryan Street, for Border Patrol to move through and conduct line watch duties and patrol within the Shelby Park area 24 hours a day.
  • Full access to the boat ramp located at Shelby Park Main Street entrance, consistent with the perpetual easement.

  • Unrestricted access to the entire Shelby Park area during emergency circumstances, including but not limited to, assistance to other agents and officers as well as medical and rescue operations.

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3 thoughts on “Texas border standoff escalates as feds demand access”

  1. “We have the right to erect and maintain barriers in this area so we demand that you remove your barriers and allow us to remove any barriers we have previously constructed.”

    Your right of access does not permit you to engage in or support or conspire with others to violate state or federal law.

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