Texas: ‘Nothing has changed’ after Supreme Court ruling on border

The Texas National Guard is still keeping federal agents away from an illegal immigration hotspot that the state seized control of a week and a half ago. And Texas continues to erect new razor wire and barriers along the border.

That’s according to a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety in the wake of a Supreme Court decision against Texas. That decision temporarily allows federal Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents to cut through the state-erected barbed wire to let illegal border crossers into the country. 

More than seven million foreigners have crossed illegally into the US during the past three years of the Biden administration, with federal officials frequently facilitating their entry rather than protecting the border.

Texas has taken steps to try to secure its part of the border, putting up fencing and coils of razor wire. A week and a half ago, the state announced it was taking control of Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, Texas, where federal agents were allowing in as many as thousands of illegal border crossers a day. The Texas National Guard has been directing the illegal entrants to the legal port of entry where they should be going, if they wish to claim asylum.

According to state officials, the Supreme Court ruling only allows federal border agents to cut through the state razor wire in “emergency” situations when foreigners on the other side are gathered to try to come in after crossing the Rio Grande. Afterwards, Texas National Guard troops will repair the wire, according to a state spokesman.

The border crisis is front and center in the current presidential campaign. The Biden administration blames President Trump and Republicans for the crush of people that has overrun the southwest border starting with the Biden inauguration. One of President Biden’s first actions was to stop construction of any new border fencing or wall that had begun under Trump. As a candidate, Biden had indicated he intended to open up the border and encourage people to come to be considered for entry.

Some of the illegal border crossers traffic dangerous fentanyl that originates in China, and are responsible for supplying the drugs that have caused America’s record fentanyl-related deaths. 

The trafficking of women and children for sex and labor is said to have spiked along with the illegal border crossings. Additionally, a record number of foreigners are dying while making the dangerous trip, and Mexico’s killer cartels are earning a record amount of money. US officials say the cartels control the illegal border traffic and collect thousands of dollars from most every person who enters illegally.

Some US sanctuary cities, where a small fraction of the illegal traffic ends up, have pulled in the welcome mat and complained that they don’t have the resources to handle all of the people. 

“Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson” will be reporting from the US-Mexico border on an upcoming edition of the program.

Below are some questions about the impact of the recent Supreme Court decision, along with answers provided by a Texas state spokesman.

Q: Will all the state barbed water on US side of river have to come down?

A: No. There is a lot of hype on this ruling. It gives Customs and Border Protection legal authority to cut the wire, only in “emergency situations,” such as if illegal border crossers are there wanting to get through. The ruling doesn’t allow them to remove the barbed wire. 

Q: Can Texas National Guard still discourage or turn away the illegal immigrants (without razor wire) or do they have to cede the whole ground to federal officials to allow them to let in anybody they want?

A: Nothing has changed for Texas Department of Public Safety. The Texas National Guard is still putting up wire and barriers. The court ruling doesn’t keep us from placing barriers. There is still a pending case to be heard February 7th before the 5th Circuit Court on this same issue. Also, this decision doesn’t apply to barrier (such as fencing or wall), just the barbed wire.

Q: If there were an opening in the razor wire, akin to a gate in the wall, where federal Border agents could go thru and bring the illegal border crossers through, would the rest of the wire stay up?

A: Yes. And Texas Department of Public Safety would reinforce the barbed wire after the fact.

Q: Where exactly will this be happening?

A: The wire is everywhere, but the focal point is Eagle Pass, Texas,  the outer perimeter of Shelby park. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) does have access to the boat ramp there, but Texas Department of Public Safety is still restricting CBP from the park because of the governor’s disaster declaration.

We still have a good relationship with agents on the ground – this is all high level stuff.

The whole point of this is political. This doesn’t really change the relationship.

We weren’t going to arrest agents. If they cut the barbed wire, we’ll go back and put it back up.

You can see a video of the Texas National Guard guarding the Texas-Mexico border here.

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3 thoughts on “Texas: ‘Nothing has changed’ after Supreme Court ruling on border”

  1. How does “such as if illegal border crossers are there wanting to get through”, constitute an emergency situation? Isn’t that the very situation the razor wire is there to deter?

  2. Jeffery Wayne Tartt

    As a born and raised Texan, I am disgusted with the invasion at the Rio Grande. Texas has always been a mix of Mexican, Texican and American heritage. We proudly live and work side by side. Some of the finest foods in the world come from our state. There will be no forgiveness coming to the Biden administration and the self serving RINOS that have been running our government. The invasion on our Southern border is unacceptable, unforgivable and will come to an end January 2025. Buckle up establishment losers. Trump and America will put a stop to this insanity.

  3. Texas should ignore the court ruling on border defense the way Biden is ignoring the court ruling on student loan forgiveness.

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