The Top Most-Smeared Personalities of 2023

The following is a news analysis.

Plenty of people were slandered and smeared in a biased media in 2023. Below is a list of some of the top targets.

5. Riley Gaines: The All American swimmer has drawn the worst kinds of attacks for daring to speak against Lia Thomas and other men participating in women’s sports. She has fearlessly given her opinions and analyses on many forums, and actively expresses herself in speeches and in social media. For speaking to a majority viewpoint that is frequently silenced, she has become the subject of widespread attacks and hatred.

4. Kyle Rittenhouse: In 2020, Rittenhouse–then 17–acted in self defense when he shot three violent rioters in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Two of them died. After he was acquitted on murder charges in late 2021, he angered his political enemies by failing to fade quietly into the shadows. In 2023, Rittenhouse became vocal in his political advocacy, and drew near-constant attacks and slander. Some of the slander includes the media’s false claims that he was a white supremacist for having shot three black men. In fact, all of the men who were shot were white.

3. Tucker Carlson: Carlson set off a firestorm with his planned series on Fox News examining the January 6 videos. After one night of damning exposes, his investigation was sidelined and he was ultimately fired from Fox in May. Observers noted that while he had not expressed support for Donald Trump’s candidacy, and had been critical of Trump in the past, the type of reporting and commentary that he aired on his popular prime time program likely served to benefit Trump because it was often anti-narrative.

2. Elon Musk: With Musk’s purchase of Twitter, release of the Twitter Files exposing details about government collusion with social media to censor Trump supporters, conservatives, liberals who are off-the-narrative, and information deemed harmful to pharmaceutical profits, he became a top target of media smears and slanders. Though his pre-2022 expressions could be considered to have a decidedly liberal tilt, Musk angered the establishment by speaking out against the progressive agenda and censorship on many fronts and put himself in the crosshairs of the worst kinds of attacks, including official attacks by the government to destroy his businesses and reputation. In 2023, Musk may have fallen short of the all-out reform of Twitter that many hoped for, but he had pushed the limit far enough to have made himself a top target. His “F-off” to advertisers who would try to “blackmail him” have made him a unique threat to the establishment. After all, most leaders can be cajoled into submission with threat of loss of money. His ongoing tweets (or “X” posts) that point out establishment hypocrisy and corruption have kept him foremost in the minds of his Democrat and Republican detractors.

1. Donald Trump: Many in the media along with Trump’s enemies were wildly obsessed with him before he was elected, while he was president, when he left office (even before he announced a 2024 run), and after he decided to run again. The obsessions and smears are exemplified in their many false claims they fabricated and publicized, including that Trump was a Russian spy, that Trump tower was pinging Russian interests during the election, that he had patronized Russian prostitutes; that he would crash the economy, start wars, press the nuclear button, become a dictator and refuse to leave office, and many more. The campaign against him was demonstrated by intel community-led conspiracies; turncoats operating within the state department to unconstitutionally defy his foreign policy directives; and turncoats working for him in the White House, administration, Congress, and military who were actively undermining him; the campaigns against his supporters and attorneys who would defend or assist him; and the lawsuits and prosecutions designed to cost him money and tie up his time. With Trump’s 2023 announcement that he planned to run for re-election, the slanders and smears reached a new crescendo that will likely continue well into 2024 and beyond.

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3 thoughts on “The Top Most-Smeared Personalities of 2023”

  1. You could probably round out the top ten most smeared people with names from this list:

    Michael Johnson
    Clarence Thomas
    Marjorie Taylor Greene
    Javier Milei
    Matt Goetz
    Jim Jordan

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