Trump projected to obliterate the Republican competition in Iowa, with Democrats sidelined by their own cancelled caucuses

As expected, former President Donald Trump is obliterating his challengers for the Republican nomination in Iowa’s first-in-the-nation voting for president in 2024. All projections have Trump winning the contest by double-digits. Trump was named the victor by various analyses moments after the caucuses began.

(With estimated 83% of the vote in)

51% Donald Trump

21.2% Ron DeSantis

19.1% Nikki Haley

7.7% Vivek Ramaswamy

.7% Ryan Binkley

.2% Asa Hutchinson

0% Chris Christi

Asa Hutchinson

Democrats in Iowa were sidelined by new party rules that cancelled in-person caucusing and traded it in for weeks of mail-in voting with results to be announced in March.

In 2016, Trump received 24.3% of the Iowa vote, coming in second to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) who received 27.6%. In 2020, Trump received 97% of the Iowa caucus vote.

Meantime, the Democrat party this year made history by cancelling the normal presidential Iowa caucuses. That decision, proposed by the Biden Administration, ends 50 years of Iowa having the first say so in who the Democrats’ nominee might be.

Under the new plan, Democrats will vote by mail with the following choices: President Joe Biden, Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips, Marianne Williamson, and “uncommitted.” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. left the Democrat party and is running as an Independent due to what he says is the Democrats’ rigged and corrupt processes. Additionally, Iowans are being given nearly two months to vote rather than a single night. Vote-in ballots must be postmarked by March 5, Super Tuesday, and results will be announced with the group of more than a dozen states, minimizing any PR impact Iowa could have had by picking its own winner earlier.

With Iowa off the table for the Democrats’ early contest, it puts more focus on a state that the Biden campaign hopes is more positive for him: South Carolina. South Carolina’s primary is February 3.

The changes in the Democrats’ processes come after chaos and allegations of corruption in 2016 and 2020 in Iowa. In 2020, the state party says it found “inconsistencies” in reporting Iowa results. Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders were within .04 percentage points of one another, and AP declined to call a winner amid concerns about inconsistencies and inaccuracies. In 2016, Bernie Sanders supporters claimed that even when he received a clear majority of voice votes, the win was given to Hillary Clinton.

2020 Republican Caucus Results

  • Donald Trump: 97.1%
  • Bill Weld: 1.3%

2020 Democrat Caucus Results

  • Pete Buttigieg: 26.2%
  • Bernie Sanders: 26.1%
  • Elizabeth Warren: 18%
  • Joe Biden: 15.8%
  • Amy Klobuchar: 12.3%
  • Andrew Yang: 1% 

2016 Republican Caucus Results

  • Ted Cruz: 27.6%
  • Donald Trump: 24.3%
  • Marco Rubio: 23.1%
  • Ben Carson
  • Rand Paul
  • Jeb Bush

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3 thoughts on “Trump projected to obliterate the Republican competition in Iowa, with Democrats sidelined by their own cancelled caucuses”

  1. what I am wary of : the powers that should not be will let Trump win, force him to have Haley as vice president and then get rid of him (after all, he is older…). Then we will have a WEF president, just like in most European countries, where all of the royal houses are WEF groomed and most presidents, prime ministers, vice prime ministers and part of the govt is made up of WEF puppets.

  2. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    Last night I listened and watched carefully to Trump after the victory in Iowa. He poured out praise for his followers and his family. It was genuine appreciation. Last night Trump gave us a glimpse of something we have waited for – he was Presidential. He showed humility and gratitude. Good God in Heaven, we thankyou for teaching all of us about your Grace. It may have been a man named William Wilberforce who acted out the meaning of the words “Redemptive Change Agent” as he searched for The Better Hour, in the face of significant negative forces. Go forth now Donald Trump and whatever remains to do, do it, and do it with the love and compassion this earth so desperately needs. You don’t have a choice, sir, you are the Redemptive Change Agent in Chief.

  3. As democrat Iowans could register republican and caucus yesterday, is it possible that they can flip back and register as democrats to vote March 5th?
    If that is possible, can republicans now switch registration and vote March 5th?
    Sounds possible but not fully aware whether party affiliation is locked in now for Iowans!

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