Border catastrophe: Texas v. Biden; Troublemaking Iran; Rising helium

Every year of the Biden administration has meant new, shattered records for illegal border crossings as costs skyrocket, the fentanyl epidemic fueled by the drug trafficking claims a record number of American lives, and crimes committed by illegal immigrants grow.

Sharyl hears from Maverick County, Texas Sheriff Tom Schmerber

Sunday on Full Measure we’re on the Texas-Mexico border to give you a front row seat to the chaos so you can see for yourself what’s happening in real time, without the spin. We’ll hear from Democrat and Hispanic officials in the border town of Eagle Pass to hear whether they see eye to eye with the Biden administration’s approach.

With well over 7 million southwest border “encounters” over three years, some say the chaos has turned into a full-fledged catastrophe.

We found state officials increasingly crossing swords with the Biden administration as Texas searches for new ways to protect its own border when the feds will not.

Also Sunday, we continue to explain, better than anyone, what Iran has to do with the Islamic extremist terrorist attacks increasing in the Mideast and why the US has gotten drawn into the mess.

And the high tech industry is creating an increasing demand for critical materials. Some, we’ve never heard of. Others, like helium, are known, but scarce. Scott Thuman reports on helium’s new high. 

See you Sunday!

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2 thoughts on “Border catastrophe: Texas v. Biden; Troublemaking Iran; Rising helium”

  1. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    President Joe Biden: You are making the USA Taxpayers pay for military might in Ukraine ostensibly to protect their border from the Big Bad Bear. Yet… You have abandoned the Mexico USA border where millions of criminals are moving in. How can you look yourself in the mirror, sir ?

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