CDC brings up the rear (once again) on Covid advice

The following is a news analysis.

The CDC is reportedly planning to “loosen its covid isolation recommendations” to say that people don’t have to isolate at home for five days after a positive Covid test.

The bold and cutting edge announcement comes years after almost everyone had already discarded the guidance.

According to The Washington Post, the new guidance reflects “how much the covid-19 landscape as changed…with most people having developed a level of immunity to the virus because of prior infection or vaccination.”

It’s actually prior infection, not the vaccines, which is providing the best and most enduring immunity, according to scientists. It turns out the vaccines don’t prevent infection, transmission, or illness, despite a sliding scale series of claims from the vaccine industry and public health officials. Nor do the vaccines necessarily prevent hospitalization and death.

Congress and the Biden administration have yet to hold anybody accountable for the many dangerous mistakes made by CDC and the misleading disinformation the agency distributed.

Polls show confidence in the CDC has fallen in the wake of the agency’s handling of the pandemic. The agency admits it failed at its job of handling the worst health crisis the US has known in modern times. But there have been no major changes made, and both Congress and the Biden administration continue to propose more money for the agency’s multi-billion dollar budget each year, without requiring reforms.

If you search online resources or even ask CDC point blank what its budget is, you will likely get incomplete answers and a series of graphs and charts.

The CDC budget figure you’ll see most often publicized, if you search the Internet, is around $9 billion for fiscal year 2023.

But from what I can figure after some research, the true number is at least $14.46 billion!

Most of the extra money beyond the $9 billion is considered “mandatory” spending that goes to the vaccine industry to buy “vaccines for children.”

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5 thoughts on “CDC brings up the rear (once again) on Covid advice”

  1. le_berger_des_photons

    Have you ever read the papers or summaries of the papers which led to Stanley getting a Nobel prize in 1946 for tobacco mosaic or Enders getting one in 1954 for an experiment on “polio” which he himself wrote that he had the same result with the control as with the variable and that that would need to be looked at again? Stanley’s experiment didn’t even have ANY control, let alone a proper and functioning one. These are the first two (I don’t know if there were more after) experiments to win nobel prizes for alleged virus discovery. They are both complete frauds. I have jumped to the conclusion that there are not “pathogenic virus” particles which function as described in the fraudulent official literature. Clearly Stephane Lanka agrees with me and has the German appeals court on his side. And you are still talking about what viral infections do, where is your proof that pathogenic virus particles exist? This doesn’t seem like Sherlock Holmes has been operating here. There are alternative hypotheses to explain all events which haven’t been disproved. They all seem more plausible to me than what even Sharyl seems to have accepted.

  2. There is not one double blind inert placebo controlled study in history that proves Any vaccine prevents infection by the virus or bacteria it’s targeting. Not even one!

    All “studies” were done using other drugs etc. as the placebo so if one less person dies from the new one over the old one, that’s 100% better! All vaccines have toxins (adjuvants etc.) added to cause the body to react to the injection site because the body normally will not react to a virus/bacteria only. The vaccine is called “effective” if the body reacts to the shot. You could put only the adjuvants in the shot and you’d still get a reaction. Therefore, that shot is “effective” even though there is nothing in the shot to do anything about the virus/bacteria.

    Absolutely No vaccine is effective at preventing any illness and they are all effective at causing toxic reactions…. some deadly!

    mRNA is not a vaccine by legal or medical definitions. There is no part of the virus in it dead (attenuated) or alive. It changes the messages from one DNA stand to the next DNA strand as the cells replicate changing the new cell into something it’s not supposed to be… a “franken cell.” It replicates more franken cells until eventually you are not the same human if human at all. They were trying to target cancer cells so they would alter their replication into not becoming new cancer cells. The technology was adapted for other purposes. CoVid became endemic like the flu and with enough replications of the test, anyone could be positive but that didn’t mean they were sick or even contagious, just exposed and their body had developed immunity like God intended.

    I am anti-vax based on the science of the body… have been for 71.8 years!
    Thank you for your truth in reporting.
    Keep it up, we need it.

    Dr. Edwin J. Travis

  3. The people who are most responsible have the legal diplomatic immunity offered to all persons who are part of any organizations chartered over in Bern Switzerland. So Bill Gates with his vast connections to The WHO, a Swiss chartered NGO, as well as Tedros who is also of the WHO, they never have to worry about being charged with any indictments for killing 14 to 17 million people with the horrendously murderous vaxxes for COVID.

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