Hunter’s trail leading to Joe; Stopping China from using our own tech against us

Hunter Biden is the first child of a sitting president to face criminal charges in modern times.

But there’s a lot more to the story than that.

Sunday on Full Measure, I’ll speak with the two IRS whistleblowers who exposed what they call corruption inside the FBI and Dept. of Justice. The investigators say these agencies conspired to keep them from following the money trail in Hunter’s case to Joe Biden.

Sharyl speaks with IRS whistleblowers Joe Ziegler (left) and Gary Shapley

You’ll also hear how the FBI had what was written up as evidence from a trusted informant linking Joe Biden to bribery allegations as he ran for president against Donald Trump, but kept it hidden. You’ll also hear how Trump’s own Dept. of Justice protected Joe Biden, repeatedly limiting the IRS probe. And this week as the pressures heats up on the Biden scandal with former Biden associates providing damning testimony to Congress, the Dept. of Justice targeted the FBI informant four years after he told the agency about the allegations against the Bidens. They’re charging him with making a false statement.

A special two-part investigation on Full Measure.

Also Sunday, Lisa Fletcher dives into the US attempt to keep China from using our own high-technology to its own benefit and against us.

See you Sunday!

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