‘Long Covid,’ ‘Long Vax’ injury resources

This page includes a compilation of information and resources related to lingering or emerging new illnesses suffered by people following Covid and Covid vaccine related to the “spike protein.”

Some are getting sick from this even if they had asymptomatic Covid or didn’t feel sick from the vaccination at the time. Symptoms can range from retina detachment, tinnitis, hearing problems, gastric problems, atrial fibrillation, hearing issues, and memory problems or brain fog, to heart attack, heart arrhythmia, stroke, fainting, blood clots, paralysis, muscle disorders, iliac vein collapse, weakness, heavy legs, and more.

Links to two videos are below. Many more resources follow, including links to doctors who can treat Covid and Covid vaccine injuries, and protocols you can consider following yourself at home.

Watch: The Clot Factor, A Full Measure Town Hall with Sharyl Attkisson

Need help right now? Find Front Line Covid19 Critical Care (FLCCC) I-RECOVER protocols for Covid and Covid vaccine injury here:


Find a doctor who understands these emerging disorders:


Discussion of various treatments for Long COVID/Long Vax injuries, including methods for detoxing and ridding the body of the spike protein:


(Medical definitions that follow are from Dr. Jordan Vaughn. Other info is from Front Line Covid-19 Care Alliance)

Long Covid/Long Vax:

Millions of individuals suffer from extensive, debilitating symptoms following exposure to the spike protein, either through viral exposure or vaccination. Microclots can cause a number of symptoms including postexertional malaise, fatigue, brain fog, shortness of breath, heart rhythm abnormalities, and chronic pain. Effective treatments address these symptoms by eliminating these microclots and restoring patients to health.

Understand the changes in small vessels with microclots

When microclots form in the body, they’re typically broken down easily and removed from the bloodstream. However, when the spike protein is introduced to the blood either through viral infection or vaccination, it causes the formation of amyloid fibrin microclots. These microclots are resistant to fibrinolysis, the body’s normal breakdown process. In some patients, they accumulate, damaging the endothelium in small blood vessels and inhibiting oxygen delivery to the body’s tissues.

These microclots cannot be viewed with a traditional microscope, nor can they always be detected with D-dimer measurements.

We are currently working to validate Flow Cytometry as a quantitative test for the amount of amyloid fibrin. Research directed towards understanding these microclots and the damage they cause to the endothelium will inform treatment protocols.

Related Microvascular Diseases

Large blood vessels are easy to research and understand. The microvasculature is more challenging. But chronic diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Type 2 Diabetes, Microvascular Cardiac Disease, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s are also impacted by changes in the small blood vessels due to microclots. If we can fight microclots in Long Covid [and Long Vax], we can fight them in these diseases as well.

Podcast with Dr. Jordan Vaughn below:


MedHelp Clinics with Dr. Jordan Vaughn:


The Microvascular Research Foundation by Dr. Jordan Vaughn:


Long Covid and Long Vaccine evaluation and treatment at MedHelp with Dr. Jordan Vaughn’s team for patients outside of Birmingham, Alabama area:


Leading Edge Clinic with Dr. Pierre Kory (remote treatment available):


Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC):


She might benefit from some of the videos from Dr. Been where he discusses the various treatments for Long COVID/Long vax including methods for detoxing and ridding the body of the spike protein. These might help her fine tune the protocol to her individual needs. His videos are here: https://covid19criticalcare.com/courses/long-story-short-with-dr-been/ (https://covid19criticalcare.com/courses/long-story-short-with-dr-been/)

Iliac Vein Compression

Iliac vein compression isn’t new or uncommon. But when you introduce microclots [related to Covid or Covid vaccine spike protein], this compressed vein becomes compromised. The result? Decreased blood flow that leads to inflammation, additional clots, urinary urgency, chronic pain, POTS, and difficulty walking. Current treatments are effective, but invasive and costly. We’re hoping to find a better way.

The left iliac vein, which sits underneath the right iliac artery in the pelvis, can become compressed independent of a COVID-19 infection. However, the introduction of the spike protein can lead to damage of the vessel walls that inhibits blood flow to the extremities.

As blood flow slows through this primary vein, it also becomes backed up throughout the smaller surrounding blood vessels. The consequences are far-reaching and can cause previously healthy individuals to become bedbound. Iliac vein stents can be placed, but require surgery and an extended recovery. Through our research, we hope to explore non-invasive treatments that are effective and more accessible to patients.

Triple therapy for Long COVID patients

Amyloid fibrin microclots are by nature difficult to remove. However, clinicians have already observed positive outcomes for Long Covid [and Long Vax] patients through triple anticoagulant therapy that includes the use of repurposed anticoagulant, antiplatelet, and fibrinolytic drugs. Additionally, clinicians believe that the use of nutraceuticals and supplements may also aid in microclot removal.

Our goal is to enroll Long Covid patients in clinical trials to test these treatments and develop proven, research-based treatment protocols. Clinical trials should begin in early 2024. 

Donate to the new, Microvascular Research Foundation.

Watch Sharyl Attkisson’s Full Measure report on Covid and Covid vaccine microclots


Clot risk was foretold as early as Dec. 2020 prior to emergency approval of first vaccines

Cites and background on Covid and vaccine spike protein, micro thrombi risk, etc.

Long Vax Treatment Strategy Webinar

Could tiny blood clots be causing long Covid (and long vax) symptoms?

(Not so) rare link between coronavirus vaccines and Long Covid–like illness starts to gain acceptance

Study and list of emerging illnesses related to Long Covid (and, say researchers, same applies to Long Vax)

MedHealth Long Covid Treatment Local or Remote (Dr. Jordan Vaughn)

(Nepronil is a recommended supplement for some who may be having these fibrin and clotting issues, check with a medical professional.)

The following applies to Covid and Long Vax (but is already a bit dated; from a study in Jan. 2023)

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