(POLL) Most say Bidenomics is ‘Terrible’

Ninety-eight percent (98%) say ‘Bidenomics’ is a terrible thing.

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com.

President Biden and some in his administration have coined the phrase ‘Bidenomics’ to describe his economic policies. 

Some observers say ‘Bidenomics’ is characterized by relief measures and vaccination efforts to address the Covid-19 pandemic, investments in infrastructure, and strengthening the social safety net, funded by tax increases on higher-income individuals and corporations.

Other goals include increasing the national minimum wage and expanding worker training, narrowing income inequality, expanding access to “affordable” healthcare, and forgiving student loan debt (on the backs of taxpayers).

Biden described his economic philosophy via Twitter in June of 2023 as:

“Bidenomics is about growing the economy from the middle out and the bottom up, not the top down. It’s an economic vision where we make smart investments in America, educate and empower American workers, and promote competition to lower costs and help small businesses.”

Full results are below. Be sure to answer the newest poll at SharylAttkisson.com. Look for the black box on the right sidebar on your computer or scroll way down on your mobile device.

Bidenomics is a ______ thing.

1% Wonderful

98% Terrible

1% Neither

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1 thought on “(POLL) Most say Bidenomics is ‘Terrible’”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    “Biden C omics,” Sharyl.

    Conservatives are, generally, MORONIC
    —as every “compromise” from the early
    1950s has been LEFTWARD, towards
    ProgComs’ goals ( progressive commu-
    nists’ goals ).

    GOP = “The Stupid Party.”
    -NeoCon Samuel Francis ( mid-1980s )


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