(POLL) Border catastrophe is Biden’s fault

The vast majority see the border catastrophe as more the fault of President Joe Biden.

That’s according to the latest unscientific Twitter poll of 3,873 people at @SharylAttkisson.

Eighty-one-and-a-half percent (81%) say they blame Biden for the border catastrophe more than Trump, Congress, or Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas.

Mayorkas survived an impeachment vote in the House of Representatives this week when several Republicans voted against the Republican-led move.

Only 1% say they see Trump as the cause of the border catastrophe.

President Biden and the Biden administration have long insisted the border crisis and record number of illegal border crossings are the fault of Donald Trump and/or Republicans.

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3 thoughts on “(POLL) Border catastrophe is Biden’s fault”

  1. Since, Trump is not president and this did not occur when Trump was president, I will transfer Trump’s 1.1% to Biden. Since Mayorkus is and extension of Biden, I will transfer his 4.1% to Biden, leaving Biden with 86.7%,
    Now, it gets a bit more complicated.
    Since the Democrats in Congress have not complained about Biden’s Open Borders Policy and Biden is a Democrat, the Democrats own the problem.
    There were RINOs that save Mayorkus from impeachment, McConnell and Gramhamnesty pushed a border control bill that essentially capped the invasion at 75% of the current influx, more RINOs.
    The 1965 Immigration Reform Act, Probably, an Executive Order issued by LBJ, also 1965, began a trickle of Illegals entering the US that has become the invasion that began in 2021. While McCain is the only Republican that comes to mind, I would say there are many more that belong in this group of those responsible for the 50 million Illegal Aliens in the US.

    I am not exactly sure where I was going with this, but here goes. LBJ signed some laws passed by Congress, including the Reform Act above, designed to cause America to implode at some point in the future. How many in Congress jumped on the band wagon, and how many more kept their mouths shut.
    + Here we are at the precipice with now way out. But the Democrat solution is more Illegals.

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