(POLL) Two-Thirds of Americans think war with Iran is ahead

Two-thirds of likely voters say they think the current situation with Iran could lead to war.

That’s according to Rasmussen Reports.

The survey finds that 66% of likely voters say they believe increasing tensions in the Middle East between Iran and the US will likely lead to war, including 24% who see such a war as “very likely.”

Twenty-four percent (24%) say they don’t think war with Iran is likely.

The United States has launched attacks against Islamic extremist Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen. That after numerous attacks by the Houthis on American forces. In addition to tensions with the Houthis, the Islamic extremist Hamas and Hezbollah are also causing trouble. They, too, are backed by Iran.

Forty-seven percent (47%) of voters say that, in his dealings with Iran, Biden has not been aggressive enough, while 11% say they believe Biden has been too aggressive and 31% think Biden’s response to Iran has been about right.

Another 11% are not sure.

To see survey question wording, click here.

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6 thoughts on “(POLL) Two-Thirds of Americans think war with Iran is ahead”

  1. I’m not sure what country will rise up against Israel but I do know, per Bible prophecy in the last book of the Bible, the final end of time will be the Armageddon. The war to end all wars. Jesus returns to earth to gather the faithful before humanity totally destroys ourself with nuclear destruction. You have to read and understand what the Bible is teaching and saying. Sadly most don’t care.

    1. Israel can destroy any nation that attacks it, the major powers excluded.
      The the war is over, Israel will be battered and bruised, but will be standing tall and proud. Those that attack Israel will cease to exist as a nation, though some people will still be there. This is the realities of modern warfare.
      While, I am not up on the fine points of Jewish beliefs, I believe their Holy Books do not include the New Testament. I do not believe I have precluded anything in the New Testament.

  2. Let’s rewrite that: “The survey finds that 66% of likely voters say they believe that with the USA and it’s allies constant and deliberate provocation of Iran and increasing tensions in the Middle East thanks to the USA blatantly funding and arming Israel’s genocide in Gaza thatb has slaughtered more than 15,000 CHILDREN, that it will likely lead to yet another completely avoidable and unnecessary war…”

  3. Biden will muddle around until there is a war with Iran. The only way around that is Iran crosses a line and the IDF takes out Iran.
    That might not be all bad because Israel can do it and do it properly. However, I do not trust Biden to do it properly and at that point Russia & the ChiComs might get involved, even though it is not in either of their interests.
    The US took out some top commanders with Hezbollah and that took finesse. Now they need a lesson in destructive power. The Houthi are perfect for a lesson in destructive power, Iran and Hezbollah will pay heed. The Houthi are rebels in Yemen, engaged in piracy, they are attacking commercial shipping in International Waters, those waters which essentially shut down the Suez Canal, which is depriving Egypt of much needed income. The Houthis are what was once called, “Enemies of the Human Race”. Any civilized nation was expected to deal with them, if they survived the arrest, try them, convict them, execute them, preferably within 24 hours. There is no reason for them to exist.

  4. I am of the opinion that there will be no war with Iran directly for several reasons.
    Biden is following the Obama agenda, probably not even in charge of his own administration as we have seen Blinken come out against Israeli settlements in Gaza. We know that Iranian born Valerie Jarret was a major player in the Obama administration and instrumental in getting cash to Iran during that time and likely a key to Biden’s releasing Iran’s funds last year. Under this administration the Obama ‘fundamental transformation’ of the nation continues.
    Second is Russia and China have become allies of Iran, along with minor player North Korea. China needs Iranian oil and any conflict between the US and Iran will wind up with China backing Iran. Russia does not need Iranian oil but is quite pleased with any nation that disrespects the USA.
    Third is this administration is not supportive of Israel. If Israel defends itself, the Biden/Blinken/Obama will cut ties with the Israeli people. Netanyahu knows this so he will only attack Iran if he feels it is the last option.

    Come November we have the opportunity to toss the Biden/Obama regime out. Under Trump there will be negotiations and possibly sanctions on Iran. Pending success or failure by Trump all bets are off.

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