RFK Jr. will be on the ballot in Georgia and Arizona for 2024 presidential race

The super PAC American Values 24 (AV24) supporting Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s candidacy for president, has secured enough signatures in Arizona and Georgia to place the candidate on the ballots in both states.

“We are pleased to announce that AV24 has met the signature requirements to get Robert F Kennedy Jr. on the ballot in Arizona and Georgia.”  The grassroots energy and momentum give us more confidence than ever in our ability to knock out the remaining states on our list of states quickly.  The remaining states are Michigan, South Carolina, Maryland, California, West Virginia, Indiana, Texas, Illinois, New York, and Massachusetts.”

Tony Lyons, Co-founder of AV24 and President of Skyhorse Publishing.

American Values 2024 (AV24) is a super PAC committed to educating and mobilizing voters to elect candidates who will restore and protect the soul of democracy in the United States.

Their long-term vision is to build a movement starting at the local level to create a national groundswell to address the critical issues our country faces.

AV24 is co-founded by Mark Gorton (Chairman of Tower Research Capital) and Tony Lyons (President of Skyhorse Publishing).

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2 thoughts on “RFK Jr. will be on the ballot in Georgia and Arizona for 2024 presidential race”

  1. Attention Nikki Haley. A number of states where a party member loses in the primary election ; cannot then run as an independent or third party member in the general election.

  2. of the 3 that will be he would be my choice, but he is also a Zionist. I am still looking into a write in for Ron Paul. Yes he is older, but he probably got more brains than the 2 other old men. And he could take Kennedy for vice president.

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