What’s in a name?; Iran sanctions; Foreign thirst for American water

Activists and advocates have successfully figured out how to shape our language– and our opinions– in real time.

They do it in party by lobbying popular dictionaries to change the definitions of words and phrases.

Sunday on Full Measure, we dig into the pathology of changing the meanings of our words for social and political purposes.

Kelly Wright is a word-mapper

Lisa Fletcher will speak with an expert about the history of US sanctions against Iran and why they haven’t gotten the promised results.

And Scott Thuman visits Arizona to report on foreign thirst for American water and how it’s hurting US landowners.

Photo by: José Manuel Suárez

See you Sunday!

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1 thought on “What’s in a name?; Iran sanctions; Foreign thirst for American water”

  1. After some serious thought, I decided to accept that definition, if that only people meeting that definition are allowed to enter girl’s/women’s restrooms, locker rooms, sports,

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