2024: Best and worst states for doctors to practice

The following is from Becker’s Hospital Review.

Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska are the top three states for physicians to practice in the U.S., according to WalletHub’s 2024 ranking published March 18.

Hawaii, Rhode Island and New Jersey were deemed the worst.

The annual ranking is based on two key dimensions: opportunity and competition, and medical environment.

Within those dimensions, WalletHub evaluated 19 metrics, including average annual wage, number of hospitals per capita, quality of the public health system and hospital safety grades. Each of the 19 metrics were graded on a 100-point scale, with 100 representing the most favorable conditions for physicians.

WalletHub used the average across all metrics used to calculate an overall score.

Fifteen best states for physicians:

1. Montana
2. South Dakota
3. Nebraska
4. Utah
5. Indiana
6. Minnesota
7. Wisconsin
8. Idaho
9. Iowa
10. Louisiana
11. Tennessee
12. North Dakota
13. Alabama
14. South Carolina
15. Oklahoma

& the worst:

1. Hawaii
2. Rhode Island
3. New Jersey
4. Massachusetts 
5. New York
6. New Mexico
7. District of Columbia 
8. Oregon
9. Illinois
10. Alaska
11. Delaware
12. Arkansas
13. Pennsylvania
14. Maryland
15. Florida
16. West Virginia

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1 thought on “2024: Best and worst states for doctors to practice”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    Define : “Doctor,” as all medical schools
    had dumbed-down the science/math/
    logic aspects of instruction beginning
    in the late-Eighties—emphasizing the
    FEELINGS relationship with patients.

    Then, minorities – black and brown –
    had to be AFFIRMATIVE-Actioned by
    ( falsely ) increasing med-school
    graduation rates—by dumbing-down
    SCIENCE standards for graduation.

    So, advancing minorities ( black and
    brown ) and women ( of all races )
    have significantly reduced cure rates,
    which badly impacted nursing acumen.

    During the Pandemic-Hoax, white
    nurses had complained about nurses-
    of-color not understanding how NOT
    to kill patients on RESPIRATORS.

    Logic-driven male physicians seek
    CURES while female physicians wish
    to FEEEL their way to wellness, the
    latter of which MAY get to the CURE,
    eventually, while the former CAN get
    there much faster/correctly.

    Which type of “doctor” would you
    choose to heal, say, your child ?

    In any case, wholistic physicians
    – such as Dr. Mercola, male or female –
    are BEST at finding (( natural/non-
    drug )) permanent CURES.



    We got to this VERY bad – even
    deadly ! – place, via Marxian Senator
    Ted Kennedy’s LIE to W-H-I-T-E
    Americans—about what his 1965
    Immigration Bill Would N-O-T Do
    (( and, NOT to Dumb-Down Schools’
    once-SCHOLARLY education
    standards—in order TO BE Marxian
    F A I R to women and minorities )) :


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