3 yrs later, CDC still refuses to answer to its disinformation on Covid vaccines, natural immunity

An update on the continuing saga with the CDC intentionally putting out false information about Covid vaccines and natural immunity, and then refusing to correct it.

You may recall that the CDC and its top vaccine advisers wrongly claimed that the original Covid vaccine studies by Moderna and Pfizer showed that there was a benefit to people getting vaccinated even if they’d already had Covid.

That was untrue. And the disinformation stood to put people in needless jeopardy from side effects from Covid vaccines with no potential benefit. Additionally, the CDC’s false information motivated people to get Covid vaccines when there was a limited supply and they already had natural immunity, exacerbating shortages going on at the time.

The CDC’s disinformation was originally revealed in late 2020 and early 2021 by Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky), who recorded his conversations with CDC officials and scientists admitting the information they and their vaccine advisors had publicized wasn’t true, but balking at correcting it.

On the call, CDC’s Dr. Cohn thanked Massie for flagging their mistaken claim that vaccines were proven to work for people who’ve had coronavirus.

Dr. Amanda Cohn: I think we read that thing so many times that when, you know, we just skipped right over it. We know we can’t be perfect, we know we’re gonna miss things. You will forever after be known in our office as “Eagle-Eyed Man.”

Rep. Massie: They said, “Thank you for finding the mistake. We’re going to fix this.” And I thought, “Well, okay, problem solved. This is how government works.”

But it didn’t quite turn out that way.

Two days later, the same Dr. Cohn who’d promised a fix, joined other CDC doctors in repeating the false information, this time in an online session for medical professionals. They claimed studies show people who’ve had coronavirus do benefit from the vaccine.

Dr. Amanda Cohn (CDC video): “So Sara Oliver, what, should people who’ve had Covid-19 be vaccinated and should they be vaccinated now?”

Dr. Sara Oliver (CDC video): “…Data from both clinical trials suggests that people with prior infection are still likely to benefit from vaccination.”

Then, this past week, a full month after CDC promised to correct the false information, Massie found it was still on CDC’s website.

Rep. Massie: So I called them up on Tuesday, as soon as I could, to ask them why it hadn’t been fixed. And it was like, I was starting all over with the same people. And instead of fixing it, they proposed repeating it and just phrasing their mistake differently.

Excerpt from “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson” on Jan. 31, 2021

Eventually, in late 2020, when Massie continued to press, the CDC agreed to correct the disinformation, but took weeks to do so. Even then, Massie says, the revised language was still wrong and left the same misimpression.

Last October, Massie asked the CDC to answer to the continuing issues. More than three months after the deadine, the CDC responded but avoided the question and simply stated that “CDC issued numerous public health guidance documents specific to the differing needs of Americans. CDC continues to monitor COVID-19 to ensure that CDC guidance and recommendations reflect the most up-to-date science.”

Nobody was ever held publicly accountable for the CDC disinformation and the agency did not explain how it got published.

According to Massie: “The CDC letter is completely unresponsive to my particular questions. What are they trying to hide? We will find out.”

Watch the Full Measure investigation on this topic here.

Read the letter from Massie to CDC and CDC’s response at the links below.

Massie letter to CDC:


CDC response to Massie:


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6 thoughts on “3 yrs later, CDC still refuses to answer to its disinformation on Covid vaccines, natural immunity”

  1. Conflating the “covid vaccine” to the value of the small pox vaccine is egregious and intended to deflect and deceive . This is not good enough for government work. Hold their feet to the fire.

    Enquire also about the recent tortured CDC revision that changed the long-standing definition of “vaccine” to now include what this experimental drug product does or does not do to the human body.

  2. The cdc,fda,nih are all guilty of genocide. They carry on like nothing has happened. Why are they above the law? The Nazis in the Nuremberg trials excuse was “We were following orders” These people must be brought to justice.

  3. No one, and I mean NO ONE, not a single reasonable person, living in this reality, a person who can find their ass with both hands, should expect the CDC to change their tune. Let me repeat something I started saying at least 3 years ago, although I believed it for at least a decade. The CDC is now, and has been for at least 40 years, a vaccine promotion PR organization. They sell vaccines. They promote vaccines. They receive “investments” from vaccine manufacturers. They receive royalty payments on vaccines. They are NEVER going to relent from this position. (Would you?) Each new Director–assuming the CDC is like most organizations–likely has specific measures in their employment contract that tracks how well they meet such goals. Stop thinking the CDC will change!

  4. Wilt Alston,

    And the CDC stole IODINE from our diet :

    – Forwarded Message –

    Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    Re : Baseline Cause of Americans’ Poor Health

    “ Who stole Iodine?

    “ Who created the Iodized salt scam?

    “ Who said that Iodine was a Poison?

    “ They did. Who are they? The Government.
    Misinformed healthcare professionals . . . They
    stole iodine—they are robbing you and your
    health N O W “ :

    Chapter heading—“1970 The Perfect Storm Theory
    of Breast Cancer Begins”

    “ . . . We are surrounded with bromine and
    bromides, an insidious element known to
    sedate, to suppress the thyroid, disrupt
    reproduction and even cause mental
    illness. Bromine fire retardants are
    even found in breast milk. Bromide
    is banned in many countries but
    not in the U.S. The question
    becomes: Why not here?”

    Find and study this book :

    —By Lynne Farrow.


  5. The CDC is guilty of so much DISINFORMATION, this has caused Millions of World Wide Deaths, my opinion only!

  6. Liars lie, cheaters cheat, and the CDC does its thing, all to benefit lying liars and cheating cheaters. The end result: Killers kill.

    Not sure why so many people don’t seem to get it, since so many others have CLEARLY stated that depopulation is the ultimate goal.

    Some depopulation is achieved via emptying the prisons and allowing criminals to roam free. Some of it is achieved by promulgating endless wars and civil strife. Some of it is achieved by starvation, either by lack of food or lack of nutritional value in junk foods. Some of it is achieved by making life SO miserable that many people just kill themselves. And some of it is achieved by mass-poisoning the population with a fake “vaccine” under the pretense of providing a medical service.

    When people tell you that their goal is depopulation, believe them. It’s the ONE thing that they probably aren’t lying about.

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