Daily Beast dredges up old false smear to generate new smear of RFK, Jr.

The following is a news analysis.

The Daily Beast, which can often be counted upon to do the propaganda bidding of left-leaning and pharmaceutical interests, recently dredged up a defamatory smear in order to attack Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Kennedy, a lifelong Democrat, is running for president as an independent after he says the Democrat party and Biden administration rigged the primary so that voters would have no real choice other than Joe Biden.

Kennedy has found himself under attack by the pharmaceutical industry and Democrat establishment for his positions regarding vaccine safety questions and other controversies.

In a recent article, Daily Beast attacked Kennedy press contact Trevor FitzGibbon, who was targeted several years ago in a separate Democrat party smear after he supported Bernie Sanders and represented WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, and other PR clients that were unpopular with the Hillary Clinton camp and the Democrat establishment.

As part of the smear against him several years ago, FitzGibbon was falsely accused of rape. The originally false claims were widely reported in the left-wing media, while the retraction of the claims was not.

In the new Daily Beast article, the writer repeats some of the history of the smears against FitzGibbon in a way that gives them new life and is apparently intended to disparage the Kennedy campaign.

Attorney Jesselyn Radack, who originally accused FitzGibbon of rape, ultimately retracted her allegations after FitzGibbon produced sexual text messages Radack had sent him (see below) before and after she claimed he’d attacked her.

At the link below, you can watch the Full Measure story, Shades of Grey, that examines the organized smears against FitzGibbon and others who found themselves on the wrong side of powerful government interests.

Watch: Shades of Grey

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2 thoughts on “Daily Beast dredges up old false smear to generate new smear of RFK, Jr.”

  1. The Daily Beast has been a democrat crap site for a LONG time. Back in 2017 and 2018 it was the site where Jonathan Turley got most of the information he cited while writing his virulent anti-Trump articles along with then-future convicted multiple felon Michael Avenatti, who was a prized former student of Turley’s and who made appearances with Turley.

  2. It comes as no surprise. The Democratic Party is furious with Kennedy. They will stop at nothing to discredit him. It will only get worse as Nov approaches. They are looking at the numbers, and it will be Kennedy who defeats senile Biden, to the simple fact he will take votes from Biden. Which is a good thing because he’s not capable of a second term.

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