(FORUM) Nonsensical popular public health narratives on Covid-19

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If you’re unvaccinated and don’t get Covid, you’re just lucky. It’s only a matter of time before it kills you. And it will be your fault.

If you’re vaccinated and get Covid, it’s the fault of someone who’s unvaccinated.

If you’re unvaccinated and get Covid and aren’t very sick, you’re just lucky and it’s only a matter of time before it still kills you. And natural immunity is a myth; you would still be much better off getting vaccinated.

If you’re vaccinated and get Covid and aren’t very sick, it’s because you were vaccinated, even though CDC says most cases among both vaccinated and unvaccinated are mild or without symptoms.

The vaccines prevent hospitalization and death. However, If you’re vaccinated and get hospitalized with Covid, you would have been even sicker if not vaccinated.

If you died of Covid after vaccination, such as Colin Powell did, it wasn’t the vaccine’s fault, or Covid’s fault: vaccines work. It must have been co-morbidities.

If you died of Covid without vaccination and had multiple other serious illnesses, you died because of Covid.

If you died “with” Covid, but Covid wasn’t the cause, even if you were part of a murder-suicide, you’re a Covid death. In other words: every conceivable way to count a Covid death is used.

If you died after vaccination of an illness such a blood clot or heart attack, you’re not a possible vaccine death. The vaccines have no side effects other than a pinch at the injection site. In other words, there is nothing that qualifies as a vaccine death.

If you die after vaccination, there is “no evidence” the vaccine caused it.

If you die and had Covid at any time recently, even asymptomatically, you are counted as a Covid death.

If you get ill after vaccination, it wasn’t because of the vaccine that caused your illness, it had to be anything else.

If you get Covid and are unvaccinated, it has to be because you’re unvaccinated, and you deserve it. You’re killing others.

If you get Covid within two weeks of vaccination, you’re not counted as a Covid illness among vaccinated.

As long as you’re vaccinated, even though your viral load when infected is the same as the unvaccinated, and even though multitudes of vaccinated people are getting sick with Covid and spreading Covid effectively, you can go to work and go places where unvaccinated people cannot because you don’t get or spread Covid.

Unvaccinated health care workers, even those who are immune to Covid, must be fired to protect the public health, even though it’s leaving hospitals and the health care industry without enough workers to protect the public health.

The more people who get vaccinated, the more Covid cases, illnesses, and deaths we experience. Obviously, that means more people need to get vaccinated.

The current vaccines were highly effective against the Omicron variant. Therefore, we developed new vaccines to use against the Omicron variant.

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18 thoughts on “(FORUM) Nonsensical popular public health narratives on Covid-19”

  1. Ouch. A national nightmare. Yet, most marched off into the “covid” deep muddy.

    What really went on that so many people threw away everything around the world – the end of an era or the beginning of a new one.

    Age of Information in an instant became the Age of Disinformation. How long will it take for history to sort this out?

    I was in health care for 40 years and saw fads and faux science and even Dr Fauci come and go – therefore I did not go near the experimental shot, never got “covid” and was cancelled and shunned pretty violently. I give thanks every day I did not go near any part of the “covid” mass hysteria.

    The other mass hysteria that few recognize was the Feminine Forever HRT drug hoax for menopause women – billions of dollars and millions of women harmed by their slavish devotion to Big Pharms promise of a deadly youth and beauty pill. Yet that massive medical hoax still flys under the radar, but it was a precursor for “covid”. Create a disease to match the alleged BigPharm cure.

  2. A local favorite in the very, very early days of “covid” from our local hospital infectious disease specialist: “we are waiting to hear from China for copies of the virus, so it can be replicated for a vaccine”.

    When she she was questioned about the reliability of any information from China, she reassured us the Chinese were “scientists” like herself, so it would be accurate. She went on to get Woman of the Year award for her frontline ……..(massaging of this mass hysteria.)….. efforts protecting our community from “covid”

  3. I had to laugh hard despite this being the worst crazy ever. If you read it out loud, it gets even worse! Thank you for explaining why this unjabbed person did not get covid. I t must be because of covid!

  4. As an amateur logic student, this all makes my head spin, but is so typical of the thinking that went on. People have lost the ability to think rationally, vaccine damage – perhaps. This is a great summary of the absolutely twisted thinking we were expected to follow. Thank you!!!

  5. Those last two…
    “The more people who get vaccinated, the more Covid cases, illnesses, and deaths we experience. Obviously, that means more people need to get vaccinated.”
    “The current vaccines were highly effective against the Omicron variant. Therefore, we developed new vaccines to use against the Omicron variant.”
    Too funny!
    I would add at least one from Health Minister of Canada. “If you going to have sex, wear a mask to be safe.” Yes, the NATIONAL Health Minister. #ClownWorld

  6. You know, it’s interesting. When COVID was raging everyone asked you if you got the vax.
    Nowadays, hardly anyone asks if you got the vax.
    The reason, I believe, is that the COVID vax has been shown, in many cases, to be neither safe nor effective. It’s like the flu vaccine. And-as an adjunct-the lockdowns and masks have now labeled as having been more dangerous to society-to the young especially-than COVID was.
    COVID was a danger to the elderly mainly (and those who were obese or had health problems). But, due to government censorship and mandates (and the quality of the advice given by our so-called “health experts”, the entire population and economy suffered.
    In my opinion-because schools were shut down and because of the mask mandates-the young are going to be suffering from-not COVID but the effects of COVID politics- for decades to come. And who knows what the vax will do to their abilities of generating non-impaired babies.
    Today, the majority (the vax takers) now feel like suckers. And those who didn’t take the vax-they are too polite to inquire of them. That’s why no one asks anyone else: “Hey. Did you take the COVID vax?”

  7. There must be enough concern for the Vaxed vs Vax free status that a match site called Unjabbed was created to bring like-minded people together as couples or social circles. Of course we can’t live in bubbles, but take healthy measures to build our immunities. I recall the accusations at the pool one day that my unvaccinated status, my resistance to the propaganda narrative, and choice to follow alternative protocal as defense from illness was endangering my neighbors who willingly took 2-4 jabs to prevent illness.
    Over time, I watched as my accusers battled respiratory pneumonia like illness, immune compromised health, unfortunately some did not survive – cause unknown, and some now have ailment or injury they or medical doctors do not associate with the toxic injection??
    I am forever thankful for investigative journalist like Sharyl, Alternative science and naturopathic doctors who battled censoring and ridicule for continuing to unravel the unknown potential and damage of this biological weapon.

  8. Insanity at its finest. the vaccinated refuse to believe they were hoodwinked and can’t think for themselves because anyone who does would instantly know that someone without a disease can’t spread that disease. And anyone who knows anything about vaccines knows that they tell you to stay away from others for a certain number of days because you can spread that disease. Now, I have heard that with the covid vax, they shed for up to 6 months….. maybe they need to stay home for 6 months….
    I am annoyed by this ridiculousness. How can people, at this point in time, not see what is going on here and that vaccines are simply about money and not health. They couldn’t care less if we die.

  9. george fate eady


  10. The reason our heads are spinning from the Covid controversy is due to the fact that Covid 19 was created in a lab to be more deadly than if the virus was naturally spread by bats. This is why nothing makes sense. Three members of my family who did not get vaccinated – two have not had the virus, one got the virus and was ill for five days. Two attended high school, unmasked.
    We are an older couple. I was vaccinated twice, my husband was vaccinated twice and boosted when the vaccine became available. We naively thought if we got vaccinated we could proceed with our lives. In our case, there was no need for the vaccine since we were on lock down. That’s why we feel betrayed.
    We are healthy and have not had the Covid. But our luck ran out this past December. We did not go to any large gatherings, except for food shopping. My husband got ill, horrible cough, fever. He took the Covid test and it was negative. We thought we were dealing with a regular flu. Within two days he ended up in the ER with pneumonia. It was Covid. It was deadly and traveled to his lungs to cause as much damage in the shortest time. He needed oxygen. After being dismissed he ended up back in the ER within ten days with bacterial infection of the lung. It took three months to get his life to being normal again.
    While my husband was in the hospital, I started to get Covid symptoms, tested positive after five days. In my case, the Covid was less than a regular flu. I took care of myself, no treatment. How is this possible? Why did Covid was almost deadly to my husband but less than a flu for me? Covid is not a regular virus. That’s why all these inconsistencies are listed. I hope someday the culprits will be in front of a world court for crimes against humanity.

  11. Wow! So many directions I could go with this!
    Early April Fool’s Day post?

    If you enjoy alliteration, the post is a Pernicious Pack of Perfidious Prevarications!

    As a retired medical professional who has followed the medical and political developments of the Covid debacle very closely from the get-go, there is not a single statement in the entire forum that is accurate or truthful.
    And, you even omitted the observations (of course supposedly debunked) by funeral directors all over the world, who reported a multitude of bizarre clotting incidents in the recently (and suddenly!) deceased, and the massive excess death statistics reported by the insurance industry in young healthy populations.
    So, you’re actually several lies short!
    Keep up the great work!
    John Wells VMD

  12. I don’t know how anyone can read such a list without acknowledging that covid “truths” are completely insane.

  13. Let me rephrase just one of the above statements.
    The more people who get shot in drive by shooting, the more drive by gun shot wounds, and deaths we experience. Obviously, that means more people need to get shot in drive by shootings.

    One could take at least half of those statements and rephrase them to show how illogical they truly are.

    It is just a matter of time before we die, COVID, no COVID, jabbed, not jabbed, etc. etc.

  14. I got the corona shot in Feb 2021. Withon 18 months I lost 90% of the hair on my head and my testosterone dropped over 500 points. And last year numerousadditional adverse effects began to manifest themselves

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