(GALLUP) 4 years post Covid: 57% say lives not yet back to normal

The following is from Gallup News.

Four years after Covid-19 forced widespread shutdowns of businesses and schools across the U.S., 59% of Americans believe the pandemic is over. At the same time, about as many, 57%, report that their lives have not returned to normal, and 43% expect they never will.

National worry about contracting Covid-19 is near its lowest point in the trend dating back to the early days of the pandemic — although, as has been the case throughout the pandemic, Democrats express much more concern about Covid-19 than Republicans do.

The impact of the coronavirus on the public since emerging as a global threat in 2020 is evident in the finding that seven in 10 U.S. adults report having had Covid-19 at least once.

These findings are from a March 5-11 update to Gallup’s probability-based Covid-19 web panel tracking poll, which began in March 2020.

Majority of Americans, but Not Democrats, Say Pandemic Is Over

Gallup has tracked Americans’ perceptions of whether the pandemic is over in the U.S. since June 2021, during the Covid-19 vaccine rollout when most Americans received their first shot. But it was not until late May/early June 2023 that a majority thought it was over.

This was shortly after President Joe Biden signed a congressional resolution to end the nation’s state of emergency and the U.S. and global public health emergency declarations ended.

Fewer, though still a slim 53% majority, continued to believe it had come to an end in late August/early September.

The latest 59% of Americans who believe the pandemic is over is up slightly from late last summer but is still shy of the positivity expressed last May/June.

Republicans (79%) are almost twice as likely as Democrats (41%) to say the pandemic is over, while 63% of independents agree.

Majorities of Republicans have thought the pandemic is over since April 2022, and majorities of independents have said the same since February 2023.

In contrast, only once, in May/June 2023, has a majority of Democrats agreed the pandemic is over. (Continued…)

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7 thoughts on “(GALLUP) 4 years post Covid: 57% say lives not yet back to normal”

  1. Just like after the government power grab after 9/11, things will never go back to “normal.”

    Just got back from trying to ship a package. The worker was masked–4 years later!–and all stressed out. Lots of people freaked out over something that, for me, was less serious than the flu.

    I’m still down 40k in annual income due to the jab mandate, and I still see jobs requiring COVID jabs. WťF?

  2. Just got a $38,000 estimate for a very simple bathroom remodel – install one new vanity and new shower enclosure where plumbing fixtures already exist. Keep the rest of the bathroom exactly the same.

    “COVID” was offered as the excuse why it was so expensive. Blaming “COVID” makes me as crazy as blaming “climate change” for everything else.

  3. “4 years post Covid: 57% say lives not yet back to normal”

    I would encourage EVERYONE to watch this documentary, Climate The Movie, and see if most or all of the analysis doesn’t also apply to the COVID Hoax:

    The first 42 minutes or so of the documentary explain in DETAIL why the “science” concerning “climate change” is flawed to the point of being fiction, and the second half of the documentary shines a spotlight on how and why that pseudoscience is being used to obtain POLITICAL objectives.

    It’s eerie how much the tactic used to sell “climate change” is similar to the way virtually the SAME people sold the COVID Hoax.

  4. My daughter’s education will never recover from the damage COVID did. After the terrible education she received during online learning, less and less has been expected of students ever since they went back to in person school. Her school isn’t even trying to make up for lost learning, in fact, they’re teaching less than they used to. Most other things that COVID has changed, I can deal with, but this will impact her for the rest of her life.

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