(POLL) 60% now agree with Trump: media are ‘enemy of the people’

After major news organizations distorted former President Donald Trump’s comments about a “bloodbath” for the auto industry, a majority of voters now agree with Trump that the news media are “the enemy of the people.”

That’s according to Rasmussen Reports.

The survey finds that 60% of likely voters agree that the media are “truly the enemy of the people,” as Trump said in 2019, including 30% who “strongly agree..”

Thirty-six percent (36%) disagree, including 21% who “strongly disagree.”

When he made the remark in Dayton, Ohio, Trump was discussing Chinese competition to the US auto industry when he said, “If I don’t get elected, it’s going to be … a bloodbath for the country.” 

This was distorted in many news reports as a threat of violence.  

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Read List of Media Mistakes in Trump Era (by Sharyl Attkisson)

Forty-nine percent (49%) of voters say they believe Trump was talking about auto workers losing jobs when he warned of a “bloodbath,” while 40% think Trump was talking about widespread political violence by his supporters if he did not win the election.

Eleven percent (11%) say they are not sure.

To see survey question wording, click here.

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