(POLL) Majority says ‘illegal’ is best term to use in describing illegal border-crossers

President Joe Biden has said he regrets calling a Venezuela-born murder suspect an “illegal,” but most voters say they think that’s what such foreign lawbreakers should be called.

That’s according to Rasmussen Reports.

The survey finds that 35% of likely voters say “illegal alien” is the best way to describe foreigners who cross the US border in violation of our immigration laws, while 27% say “illegal immigrant” is the best term.

Twenty percent (20%) say they consider “undocumented migrant” the best description, while 12% prefer “asylum seeker.” 

After using “illegal” in his State of the Union address to describe José Antonio Ibarra – the 26-year-old Venezuelan accused of murdering Georgia nursing student Laken Riley – Biden said in an interview: “I shouldn’t have used illegal, it’s undocumented.” 

Eighty percent (80%) of Republicans, 44% of Democrats and 60% of voters not affiliated with either party choose “illegal alien” or “illegal immigrant” as the proper term for those who violate U.S. law by crossing the border. 

To see survey question wording, click here.

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4 thoughts on “(POLL) Majority says ‘illegal’ is best term to use in describing illegal border-crossers”

  1. Trump introduced a new term, “Migrant Crime” and the individuals would be Migrant Criminals.

    Illegal Aliens v. Migrant Criminals.


    This is when death of Whites’ CIVILIZED
    IMMIGRATION policy began—began with
    Marxian Senator Ted Kennedy’s 1965
    Immigration Act (( of bold L I E S )) told
    to Whitey (( President Reagan’s amnesty
    F O L L Y in the 1980s—notwithstanding;
    and, long before Reagan, when Abe
    Lincoln’s Marxian-/Illuminist-/Banking-
    engineered WAR FOR collectivistic/
    centralized government, W A R R I N G
    AGAINST citizens’ Self-Determination/
    Self-Rule, that “We the People” type
    Self-Rule—notwithstanding )) :


    Aristotle had described how
    “bad democracy” is built :


    I explain why America has not been
    DEMOCRATIC, nor a democratic
    REPUBLIC—since Lincoln’s FOLLY,
    as M I N O R T Y Rule has negated/
    destroyed “Will-of-the-People”
    M A J O R I T Y ‘ S self-determi-
    ation/self-rule in here (( and read
    of the U.S. Constitution’s purpose,
    in its “domestic tranquility”
    clause / Preamble )) :


    America has not been democratic – nor
    democratic republic – after Lincoln’s
    WAR-Folly against Self-Determination,
    in his use of SLAVERY – dismantled
    peacefully everywhere else ! – as his
    EMOTIONAL excuse to pit Thou-Shall-
    not-Kill Christians in the North against
    Thou-Shall-not-Kill Christians in the

    Read General Sherman’s truth-telling,
    about his ( secret ) purpose in executing
    that Rothschild-Banker-CONTRIVED war :


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