(POLL) 97% say Biden too old/mentally incapacitated to serve again

President Biden is too old and/or mentally incapacitated to be president again.

That’s according to about 98% of 1,933 people surveyed in an unscientific Twitter or “X” poll.

Thirty-five percent (35%) said Biden is too mentally incapacitated.

Nearly 63% said he is both too old and too mentally incapacitated to serve four more years.

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5 thoughts on “(POLL) 97% say Biden too old/mentally incapacitated to serve again”

  1. Dennis,

    Always go BACK to Root Cause(s) of Current Confusions; e.g.
    Trump had handily trounced Biden & (( his Deep State )) Team
    in 2020 :

    Forwarded Message :

    Dear Mollie Hemingway,

    So long as electronic vote machines
    are used—no “election” is safe/true
    from D O U B T / Suspicion !

    2020 was a massive WIN for Mr. Trump,
    but rightists had cowardly caved to MSM’s
    fake reports.

    NEVER has there been a more INSANE
    loss of CHAIN-of-CUSTODY in an
    election cycle—but weak-brained con-
    servatives CAVED upon hearing of
    Left’s FALSE, PRO-Biden (S)election
    results (( Trump had had an astounding
    win—as his massive pre-vote campaign
    rallies had evinced while Biden couldn’t
    attract 60 people onto a parking lot; and,
    so, “to the dank/dark basement for you,
    dear bumbling/fumbling Biden !“—said
    his Lefty Handlers to his cruel, elder-
    abuse of a wife )).

    For examples, ( “Teddy Bear” ) Beck,
    Hannity, O’Reilly and the rest of those
    cowards, reported to their respective
    radio/TV audiences : “See, it matters
    that you show-up and vote,” as if con-
    servatives hadn’t broken all previous

    nails Glenn Beck had taken
    Teddy Bears
    to the border !—a come-one-come-all
    messaging to ALL Third Worlders !

    And his ”Nazarene Fund” agent –
    soon-to-be exposed as a sexual
    pervert – had air-shipped close
    to 40,000 F A K E “Christian”/
    Muslim Koranists – those “KILL-
    All-Unbelievers“ type of “Christians” –
    into once-White New Jersey cities
    —not to forget, that that sexual
    pervert had been responsible for
    “charitably” parking tens-of-thousands
    of Somali/Koranist refugees into once-
    White/-Christian/-SAFE Michigan; and
    as “Leslie Winkle“ in “The Big Bang
    Theory” TV production would say of
    ALWAYS-EMOTION-Driven Glenn Beck,
    today :

    “D U M B A S S !”


  2. Sharyl and Full MeasureTeam,

    Re : How Low America has Fallen—in Biden & Company

    What of Biden’s twice-caught, M A J O R
    plagiarism scandals, which ought to HAVE
    – if the idea, ”STATESmanship,” had not
    been made meaningless for decades –
    R E S U L T E D in an impeachment inquiry
    and REMOVAL from office (( if a congress-
    man/-woman can’t be trusted NOT to steal
    others’ written works, then he’ll surely
    S T E A L / Cheat his way into political
    office )) ?


  3. “… Biden too old/mentally incapacitated to serve again”

    It helps to remember that, even when he wasn’t “too old” or “mentally incapacitated,” he was ridiculously dishonest and boneheadedly STUPID.

    Those pre-existing “qualities” make it difficult to tell where dishonesty and stupidity morphed into “too old” and “mentally incapacitated.” One could make a reasonable argument that Joetard is STILL simply dishonest and stupid, and age or mentally incapacitated don’t really have much to do with it. Age hasn’t made him any more honest, and stupidity is stupidity, with or without dementia.

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