(READ) Judicial Watch seeks 911 call records and arrest report in Laken Riley murder

Judicial Watch has filed a Georgia Open Records Act lawsuit against the University of Georgia Police Department seeking audio of any 911 emergency call about nursing student Laken Riley. Riley was assaulted and murdered on Feb. 22, allegedly by illegal alien Jose Ibarra on the university campus.

The lawsuit also demands Ibarra’s initial arrest report, which is apparently being withheld from the public even though it falls under records that belong to the public. Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit after the police agency failed to comply with March 1 and March 14 Georgia Open Record Act requests. The police reportedly claimed the records requested were exempt from the law because they are “records of law enforcement in pending investigation of prosecution.”

Riley, a 22-year-old nursing student at Georgia’s Augusta University, was murdered while jogging in a park on the University of Georgia campus. Ibarra is an illegal immigrant from Venezuela.

There are many political forces that wish to suppress the truth about what happened to Laken Riley, but Judicial Watch will insist on transparency under law for the public interest and public safety.

Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch President

Judicial Watch says it is requesting the following:

  • The audio recording of the 911 call reportedly made by Lake Riley while she was allegedly being assaulted by Jose Antonio Ibarra on February 22, 2024.
  • The initial arrest report of Jose Antonio Ibarra for the February 22, 2024 homicide of Laken Riley.
  • The initial incident report relating to the death of Laken Riley.
  • The Judicial Watch lawsuit states: “911 records are public records that can be released to the pubic as long as redactions are made of any names, addresses, or telephone numbers of the person placing the call to the public safety answering point.” Initial arrest and incident reports are also required to be disclosed to the public under Georgia law.

Read more about the case here: Judicial Watch v. Jeff Clark, in his official capacity as Chief of Police of the University of Georgia Police Department 

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