US Customs and Border Protection cites ‘operational vulnerabilities’ in refusing to release data on immigrant flights

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection has admitted that its organization of flights for hundreds of thousands of foreigners from external airports to the U.S. has resulted in “operational vulnerabilities” that could present a threat to border enforcement efforts should data on the flights become public.

In a joint filing with the U.S. Center for Immigration Studies, CBP has justified its refusal to provide data about the traffic from specific foreign airports to specific U.S. facilities by citing the potential for risk should the material become public. CIS has sought the data as part of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

CBP One Joint Statement

In the filing, CBP cited a specific exemption to FOIA requests, stating that it redacted relevant data “to protect the identifying information for air ports of entry, which if disclosed, would reveal information about the relative number of individuals arriving, and thus resources expended, at particular airports of entry which would, either standing alone or combined with other information, reveal operational vulnerabilities that could be exploited.”

They further indicated they could not produce information related to the foreign airports from which the would-be U.S. entrants departed “to protect the information, which, if disclosed, would reveal information about the relative number of individuals arriving from particular foreign airports, and thus the resources expended toward travelers arriving from particular airports which could, either standing alone or combined with other information, enable bad actors to extrapolate relevant port of arrival and resources utilized at those ports of entry and the resources utilized at those ports of entry.”

The flight program, CIS asserts, has brought in roughly 320,000 otherwise inadmissible persons to the U.S. since it began in 2022. The program makes use of the CBP One app through which those seeking entry may apply preemptively for humanitarian release and travel authorization.

The CBP One app has come under scrutiny from border hawks, including members of the House Homeland Security Committee, which in October released documents showing that the Department of Homeland Security used the app to approve entry for hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals from politically hostile countries, including Russia, Belarus, China, Iran, and Afghanistan.

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2 thoughts on “US Customs and Border Protection cites ‘operational vulnerabilities’ in refusing to release data on immigrant flights”

  1. Harboring illegal immigrants is a felony–but there is no Rule of Law in USA at present. The US needs an “American Guard” staffed with highly vetted tens of thousands ready to provide the armed muscle for arrests of human traffickers from Biden to Mayorkas on down, and deport deport deport the illegal invaders. Make it ugly, brutal, and something intended to discourage any possible further invasions.

    Then go after the counterfeiting central banks and zionist dual citizen infiltrators for massive counterfeiting and fraud since 1913. Claw it all back via asset forfeiture. TAKE BACK EVERYTHING THAT THEY HAVE STOLEN VIA MONEY FRAUD.

    After cleaning that up, they can round up all of the several thousand people who served in Congress since 2003 who became war criminals during their stints in Congress for pushing the many unnecessary and wasteful unlawful miltary actions abroad that have killed many millions of people.

    I used to like Trump until he murdered someone in Iraq and promulgated the genocidal Operation Warp Speed. He should hang for that.


  2. What are real reason US wants to disengage (H.R. 6645 Mike Lee) from UN is it human rights, immigration, firearm rights, national security council. How much does US fund UN? Can we pull out of participation in some, but not all UN departments. From what I’ve viewed from interviews it’s clear the UN is aiding and funding immigrate to US e.g. UN Headquarters IOM is in Panama (Old US Fort Clayton), UN manages huge immigration center in Panama giving out food and debit cards. What’s the relationship between US and Panama, as it appears that China has set-up their own immigration center just for young men (no woman or children). China is building a bridge across Darien Gap. Please do a in-depth report or direct me to current report.

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