Whistleblowers: America’s Most Victimized Heroes (Podcast)

Whistleblower advocate Marcel Reid of the ACORN 8 speaks to the importance of true whistleblowing and the price that’s paid in America’s topsy-turvy environment.

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2 thoughts on “Whistleblowers: America’s Most Victimized Heroes (Podcast)”

  1. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    Whistleblowing inside the Minneapolis Police Department can get you transferred, fired, maligned, shot at, jailed, and wrongly convicted. Just ask Minneapolis Police Officer Wagner about Perjury and the conspiracy he participated in. The Liar Wagner from Eden Prairie MN knows. Former Minnesota Chief Justice Gildea knows a little bit about Perjury and Manipulation of Court Transcripts. How did the Official Case File involving Teamster Union Killer Robert Busch disappear? In Minneapolis Minnesota the Power Brokers routinely deal in blood money. You could discuss the fraudulent judicial system in Hennepin County with attorney William Orth, but he is dead. Thomas Malloy may have an opinion on the subject, but he is dead. Prosecutor Fred “DOG” Karasov is a violent liar confined to a hospital bed following his episode with a failing heart, but he wouldn’t talk anyway. Minneapolis Police Sergeant Wayne Humphrey knows a lot too, but he is dead. Before you decide to blow a whistle, consider the risks. In Minnesota it can cost you your life. Wesley Francis McKeon Gubbin is a liar and a killer. Study his history of Murder, etc. Minnesota is a mess!

  2. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    Here is a question for the web slueths and arm chair detectives. Was ROYAL KENNETH HAYES a contract killer for the IBT International Brotherhood of Teamsters, or did he carry Teamster Credentials for other reasons as he threatened, maimed and killed? Was Royal Kenneth Hayes a murderous dope dealer who killed his dope dealing buddies? Or, was ROYAL KENNETH HAYES simply a Serial Killer who loved to kill anyone….? Hint – Mr. Hayes loved killing people and bragging about it.

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