After Hours: Did VA Doctors Take Bribes to Buy and Use Unnecessary Medical Devices on Vets? (Podcast)

A medical sales rep blows the whistle on an alleged kickback scheme where he says a company bribed staff at a Veterans Affairs hospital to buy unnecessary medical devices at taxpayer expense, and use them in medically unnecessary procedures on veterans.

The company and doctors dispute the allegations and deny any wrongdoing.

Listen below.

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2 thoughts on “After Hours: Did VA Doctors Take Bribes to Buy and Use Unnecessary Medical Devices on Vets? (Podcast)”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    It is no accident “our” Veterans Admin.
    – via an act of Congress – denies veterans
    T-H-E most critical of health-care treatment
    —for guarding good health :

    Care ( denied by the VA ).

    Heart disease germinates through gums/
    teeth/mouth bacteria.

    So, we hear radio ads asking dentists to
    VOLUNTEER their office/time/practice
    toward aiding government-VA-harmed
    veterans (( leaving them homeless on our
    streets while THIEVES cross our borders
    from ENEMY nations, and receive near
    KINGLY treatment with five-star hotels,
    free money, and promise of jobs
    —notwithstanding )) !

    – Rick

  2. Many years ago, I was employed at a VA – the doctors at the time were salaried. The ordering of supplies would be done by someone in the general bureaucracy of the system; doctors would have little to no influence. So it makes it hard for me to understand, even after listening to this, that doctors took bribes.

    Although, it wouldn’t be the first time Medtronic tried such a thing.

    The company is far from clean.

    In the overall consideration, let’s not forget this, either.

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