After Hours: Follow the Money: Unbelievable Covid Relief Fraudsters

Investigators have flagged millions of fraudulent loan applications for Covid relief funds and identified billions of your tax dollars that have walked out the door to con artists. The Small Business Administration Inspector General Mike Ware gives us the rundown.

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1 thought on “After Hours: Follow the Money: Unbelievable Covid Relief Fraudsters”

  1. Sharyl, have been a big fan of yours for many, many years. Just a heads up from someone who knows. The SBA PPP was 100% egregiously defrauded. But my message is that the PPP was but one of several federal giveaways. My experience has shown that of the three major fraudulent programs, the PPP represents a very small percentage of the fraud committed. Yes, billions were stolen from the PPP debacle but look into the ERC fraud. Those stolen dollars are in the tens of billions of dollars. Literally! Keep up the great work and don’t let them intimidate you. I KNOW you won’t.

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