Cutting edge treatments for ‘Long Covid/Long Vax’; Clots in cadavers; Covid exodus from establishment medicine

According to a National Institutes of Health study, as many as one in four adults who have had Covid are suffering from what they’re calling “Long Covid,” which is may also be “Long Vax” since most of those suffering were also vaccinated.

Establishment medicine has dropped the ball on monitoring for these illnesses from the start and aggressively figuring out how to prevent and treat them.

Sunday on Full Measure, in a special half-hour devoted to critical post-Covid concerns, we’ll hear from two independent physicians who are on the cutting edge of treatments for these maladies. Together, they’ve treated thousands of patients, including other doctors, and are sharing what they learn with physicians around the world.

Drs. Jordan Vaughn (left) and Pierre Kory

Also Sunday, you may have heard rumors about mysterious, huge clots being found in dead bodies. It’s a weird trend that many embalmers say started only after Covid and, particularly, Covid vaccines.

We’ll look at the evidence and get the facts.

White, fibrous “clots” found in cadavers

And I’ll speak with the co-founder of an independent physicians group born out of the Covid debacle. It’s called FrontLine Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC).

The group is growing by the day as doctors become disenfranchised with the misinformation and limits imposed when they tried to treat their patients as they saw fit.

In the wake of being attacked, smeared, and punished for running counter to the preferred narratives, they’re looking for more independence from the pharma-government driven system.

And now they’re tackling America’s chronic disease epidemic that they say has been ignored for too long.

Dr. Paul Marik, Co-Founder of FrontLine Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC)

See you Sunday!

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4 thoughts on “Cutting edge treatments for ‘Long Covid/Long Vax’; Clots in cadavers; Covid exodus from establishment medicine”

  1. BigPharm and the Democrat 2020 Election Year Covid Cult knew they could not out-run the data. Yet they inflicted this hoax on us anyway, for their own short-term gain: Orangeman Bad.

    Open up the electronic medical records data Obama promised would bring us better and more efficient future health care. Now entirely hidden behind this official, but bogus “patient privacy” black out.

  2. on 6/23/2021 I gave my 2 pfizer jabbed neighbors a ride with the windows almost all the way up,the next day I had a massive headache , issues that followed bruising on both legs, hives on my face, rashes on my chest and legs, right eye floaters, I can no longer see nothing up close no more, bleeding for 6 days, having 2 and 3 periods a month, 6 months of non stop back burning pain, 6 months of my right foot going numb , it is over 2 years and 9 months, I still have massive headaches, vision issues, my fingers go numb while sleeping and when waking up, my period is sometimes late and early , feeling tired, weak and dizzy, this pfizer shedding is very real and very dangerous

  3. Stephen Triesch

    Wow. Dr. Marik looks almost exactly like my late father in his final years – a little less hair than my dad, and a little more paunchy. Just a little in both cases. As for Covid, the other day on another site I saw a Belgian virologist predict mass deaths from the Covid vaccines in the next eight months. I hope he’s wrong.

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