(FORUM) How can faith in govt be restored?

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What is the single most important thing that could be done to restore faith in our government?

What about our media?

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29 thoughts on “(FORUM) How can faith in govt be restored?”

  1. #1 thing to restore my faith in our government: Government voluntarily establishing term limits at the federal and state level for every elected office. No loopholes. If we really wanted to stretch imaginations, throw in limitations of invest capabilities while in office.

    The media: Go back to basic fact reporting without using government officials as unquestioned sources.

  2. Grumpy Old Timer

    My question is WHY restore faith in government?
    Government should always be viewed with skepticism. That’s the only way to keep it in check. That’s why we have the 2nd amendment. to keep the government in check. The questioning of government should be normal, not grounds for punishment. The fact that now ordinary citizens who question government are branded traitors and imprisoned is a result of having FAITH in government.
    The only thing I have faith in when it comes to government is this. Power corrupts….

  3. It depends on what you mean by restore. If you mean for people to have the level of trust they did even ten years ago, that is never going to happen. People will never fully trust the government nor the media. It would be different if the lies and “misinformation” wasn’t so widespread and blatant or the consequences so far reaching. When you’ve been duped at the level we have, there is no path forward that includes blind trust.

  4. I’m from the UK. From my pov, the U.S., like virtually every government, including the UK, has too much corruption. Perhaps there should be tests that examine a person for integrity and smarts. That besides, there’s too much leveraging allowed by corporate interests, and not enough transparency. Reeks of corruption.

  5. The legacy media is going down the drain, en mass. One or two should risk their neck by being far less susceptible to accepting what amounts to bribes by granting special privilege to advertisers and other business interests. Otherwise you have the crooked leading the bent.

  6. Never, all governments stupids and corrupted by big pharma, OMS, Bill Gates, etc …no possibility of reconciliation!!!

  7. “How can faith in govt be restored?”

    Well, since government — comprised of both elected and unelected frauds — has joined the garbage media to become an enemy of the people, you could try building a time machine that could take the US back to the 1950s. Other than that, I’ve no clue, because I don’t recall many people having faith in government since then.

  8. Government – shrink to as close to nothing as possible. A clean social-justice free fighting army, Interstate commerce. Can’t think of too much else.

    Media – Separate News from Opinion. Clearly identify at the front end of every product. Remove biased public figures.

  9. I don’t think faith in government can be restored, or should be restored. Power corrupts, and the love of money is the root of all evil, are two adages that are invariably true. We would have to return, as a nation, to our Christian underpinnings and bring the government back to what it was before our first progressive president. More than 100 years of government growth and encroachment into our lives would have to be repudiated and destroyed. Office holders would have to be governed by Christian principles of conduct, as even non-Christians once were. Any wrong doing would have to be publicly exposed and suitably punished.

    Never going to happen.

  10. Sever all conflicts of interest. Eliminate bribery (lobbying), the revolving door between industry and regulators, and eliminate congress members ability to trade in regulated securities.

  11. Tough call. Maybe by limiting the reach of the federal govt into our lives. Bring as much governing to the local level as possible and strengthen free speech rights from govt intrusion.

  12. Two things would change it dramatically I believe

    1. Outlaw lobbying
    2. Re-implement the “Fairness Doctrine” from the 90’s

  13. Give states the right to continue the wall where they are most vulnerable. Send contractors TODAY to complete the building of the wall on our southern border, and also one on our northern border. If they need the National Guard and/or Corp of Engineers, send them all. We have to first stop the bleeding.

    Require all states to vote on the same day, known as VOTING DAY with voter id and in person. Any mail in have to be in by a certain day and time with proper id and signatures, which are checked, just as if they were voting in person.

  14. I believe that until we get beyond this cycle of Trump and Biden we will not be able to regain trust. But, once we get to the next election we will elect a new generation of leaders who will strive to bring our country together.

  15. Term limits for all congress. Something that will hold up to the supreme court, unlike the flawed bill passed in 1985, written by supposedly the “smartest” legislator in the world.

  16. To restore faith in government: get corporate capture out of government (i.e. no more pipeline for folks from government agencies to the corporations/industries they oversee)


    trustworthy, well informed candidates. who do not accept bribes from big-anything. who do not come in and out through revolving doors. who listen to the people. Preferably non Zionist and non freemasons. Are there any that fall in this category anymore?

  18. #1 Tie. A. Term limits for all in govt (Civil service and elected officials); B. Abolish the IRS – move to minimum and mandatory tax $ from EVERYONE (all citizens, green card holders, etc…everyone) and solicit addl revenue for projects using bonds and annually people can offer up this or that addl amount for the project they want to fund. Not enough funding…project dies.

    Repeat at state and local levels.

  19. There’s so many problems that it’s hard to give a concise answer. 1) Close the border. 2) Expand & fund policing. 3) Enforce the law – no more turn your back on lawbreakers. 4) Demand prosecution of criminals – stop releasing criminals. 5) Deport illegals. 6) We could probably cut 20% of government employees or more and not see a reduction in service. 7) Too many politicians use their position to gain wealth, not to represent their constituents. 8) Pork in these congressional biils is strangling us. 9) We need term limits for congress. 10) Establish a penalty system to hold the media accountable for untruthful reporting.

  20. Trust is earned, so I am not sure our government wants to do the hard work to restore it. Perhaps installing recall thresholds at the local, state, and Federal levels could be a start by reestablishing the “consent of the governed” principle. I think that would be a good start. Additionally, there is a serious problem with classifying way too many documents making the Freedom of Information Act an exercise in futility. A government that hides mountains of information doesn’t seem to want to be trusted.

  21. The only way to restore some semblance of governmental control is to reduce the size of government along with expenditures. The Administrative Deep State runs the government because these unelected bureaucrats never leave government service and continue on long after the elected officials have left. People talk about term-limits but the real power resides with these unelected bureaucrats who make laws through regulations which We The People don’t get to vote on. These government mandates are worse than the laws passed by Congress and have more power.
    Look at Climate Control Hoax; Green Energy foolery, wind and solar; EV’s for all even though the public isn’t buying them and can’t afford them at current interest rates; Gas appliances; the list goes on and on.

  22. Truth should be truth, and lies are lies. Without truth, chaos reigns. Those indoctrinating our citizens with a constant bombardment of lies as “truth” should be exposed for who they are.

  23. Balance the budget. Significantly Reduce the size of government while forcing the oligarchs to divest. Split the anti-competitive companies to drive innovation, creativity and real competition. This would end the “need” for DEI and other discriminatory hiring practices. Stop the invasion. End protectionism of big pharma, big old, big ag, etc… End the party system and have representatives vote according to the wants of their constituents. End the bias in the judicial system.

    Media – you are doing it. They just need to follow your example.

  24. Robert L. Hails Sr. P. E. (Ret.)

    America urgently needs to grasp the basics, in government, journalism, academia, the church, science and finances. Each “professional” must speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Or God help them. There must be accountability. Withholding some truths, is a lie, e.g. I don’t recall the most important decide in my career. There should be varying levels of sanctions for the misconduct: defunding the entire program, firing one or several members of the cabal, total reorganization of an organization to let other eyes, see and judge, or prosecution and imprisonment.

    I vote for Sharyl to be in charge of everything. Maybe Pope?

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