(GALLUP) 2024: Biden’s character ratings worse now than 2020; Trump’s are unchanged

The following is from Gallup News.

Americans are less likely now than they were in 2020 to believe a number of positive personal qualities and characteristics apply to President Joe Biden.

The biggest decline has come in the percentage believing Biden is able to manage government effectively, but his scores are down at least six percentage points on each characteristic.

Over the same period, public impressions of Donald Trump, Biden’s likely challenger in the 2024 election, haven’t changed to a statically significant degree.

These changes are consistent with the 2020 to 2024 movement in the candidates’ overall favorable ratings.

Biden’s most recent favorable rating, 41%, is down eight points from the end of the 2020 campaign, while Trump’s 42% is statistically similar to the 45% 2020 reading.

Gallup tested eight character items for each candidate in a March 1-20 poll — six that were asked in 2020 plus “is intelligent” and “puts the country’s interests ahead of his own political interests.”

More Americans say the two candidates lack most of these eight desirable characteristics. The exceptions are Americans’ perceptions that Biden is likable, that Trump is a strong and decisive leader, and that both men are intelligent.

The net effect of the changes in character ratings since 2020 is that Biden has an advantage on two characteristics, Trump has an advantage on two, and the candidates are statistically tied on four others.

  • Many more Americans say Biden is likable than say Trump is (57% to 37%), while Biden retains a smaller advantage on being honest and trustworthy (46% to 35%).
  • Trump has a big edge on leadership — 57% to 38% — the only item he scored better than Biden on in 2020. Trump has gained a modest edge for managing the government (49% to 39%) because of Biden’s lower 2024 rating on that item.
  • The two candidates are evenly matched on two items that were not asked in 2020 — being intelligent and putting the country’s interests ahead of their own political interests. On two others — cares about the needs of people like you (Biden 48%, Trump 42%) and displaying good judgment in a crisis (Trump 45%, Biden 40%) — the differences are not statistically meaningful.

Notably, Biden’s main strength — likability — is one of Trump’s biggest weaknesses, along with perceptions that Trump is honest and trustworthy. Similarly, Trump’s top strength — being a strong and decisive leader — ranks as Biden’s weakest trait. (Continued…)

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1 thought on “(GALLUP) 2024: Biden’s character ratings worse now than 2020; Trump’s are unchanged”

  1. Said it before, and I’ll say it again: It’s been reported that Gallup got out of the election-polling business because it’s one area where the accuracy of polling can be measured against the actual results when the election happens — and Gallup’s polls were extremely poor compared with actual election results.

    So I’ve no reason to expect any of these polls that cannot be verified against any real-world occurrence to be any more accurate.

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