(GALLUP) US reputation now lagging within G7

The following is from Gallup News Poll.

LONDON — For the first time in almost two decades of polling, the United States now lags behind most of the other leading industrialized nations in the G7 across a range of Gallup indicators.

The U.S. trails several G7 countries when it comes to its own people’s confidence in the national government and key institutions — including the military and the judiciary — as well as the ability of its people to meet their basic needs.

Americans No Longer Most Confident in Military

Since 2006, Americans’ confidence in the nation’s military has stood out among the G7.

Even though it continues to spend more on its military than most nations on Earth combined, Americans’ confidence in their armed forces dipped to a new low of 81% in 2023, for the first time falling significantly below the ratings of another G7 member country (France).

These results mirror the decline in Americans’ confidence in the military observed in other Gallup polling in 2023.

More recently, in February 2024, Americans were split in their views of funding the military and national defense. Similar proportions felt that the government was spending too little (29%), too much (35%) and about the right amount (33%) on defense.

Cooling Confidence in the National Government

2022 marked the first time that the U.S. and the United Kingdom sat at the bottom of G7 rankings for confidence in national government, having both been highest at the outset of the World Poll nearly two decades ago.

One year later, the picture remains unchanged. Americans (30%) and Britons (33%) still have less confidence in their national governments than residents in most of the G7.

U.S. Gives Poorest Performance on National Institutions Index

Given these realities, the U.S. now ranks last on the National Institutions Index compared with the rest of the G7.

The National Institutions Index is a composite measure of the confidence a country’s residents have in key national institutions such as the military, the judicial system, the national government and the honesty of elections.

In 2006, the U.S. topped the index among G7 countries, scoring 63 out of a possible 100.

In 2022, it ranked at the bottom for the first time on record, scoring 53, and consolidated its position with a decline to 49 last year.

The U.S. remains the dominant voice of the G7 on the global stage. But the reality of public opinion at home is starting to tell a different story: one in which the U.S. no longer stands out as a leader in confidence in institutions, fundamental to its democracy.

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5 thoughts on “(GALLUP) US reputation now lagging within G7”

  1. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    The USA is not in control of itself. The Black Ops groups and the Deep State control the USA. They use the Criminal Prosecution System to take out people who demand truth. You can speak truth to power in the USA, but you will ultimately be eliminated or incarcerated for doing so. Once upon a time there was a land of the free and a home of the brave. Those words have been replaced with Black Ops, Deep State, Police State, and Woke. The decline of the greatest nation in history is well on its way. We have been defeated from within, just like the evil planners predicted.

  2. President Biden has shown the world that his administration is weak, along with the fact that China is spending 10 times the amount of money than the US by using illegal Iranian oil money


    Re : Root Cause ?—possibly, declines in MORALITY / VIRTUE

    Forwarded Message :

    [[ Sharyl’s Page of November 9, 2021 AT 11:28 AM ]]
    JungianINTP says :

    DEE CEE,

    To help you understand your
    government’s mismanagement
    of funds :

    The answer is SIMPLE but grave
    for Western Civilization.

    [[ See : Louis Rukeyser
    “Louis Richard Rukeyser was an American financial journalist, columnist, and commentator, through print, radio, and television. He was best known for his role as host of two television series, Wall $treet Week with Louis Rukeyser, and Louis Rukeyser’s Wall Street.” -Wikipedia ]]

    Louis Rukeyzer, in the 1970s, had
    had a panel of four movers and
    shakers in the Financial Industry
    on his show—all of whom were
    asked, near the end of his
    show :

    “What explains America’s financial institutions faltering in
    serving their investers and customers ?

    Three gave an answer related to mismanagement.

    But one caused a *how-do-I-respond-to-that?* PAUSE in
    Rukeyser and the other three:

    “A decline in morality
    contributed to the bad

    NOBODY had responded—and the show ended there !

    The Holy Bible has been removed from the public square;
    and prayer has been removed from public schools; and
    those restraints against Lying/Cheating/Stealing have been
    replaced with “VALUE-Less” / “Situational Ethics” / and
    “Find Your Own Truth” instructions by public school teachers.

    Add DEGENERATE entertainment and music and books and
    magazines . . .

    What could go wrong—with those American Communist
    Lawyers Union ( ACLU ) Effected outcomes. from the 1950s
    forward ? . . . What could go wrong, DEE CEE ?


  4. I am not sure this poll means much of anything because too much is unknown I do not trust the intent of Gallup behind the intent of this poll. Questions can be phrased to elicit the desired responses.
    What has the French military accomplished to earn themselves the right to be called a military.
    With the exception of Japan, 6 of these nations have been inundated with Illegal Aliens.
    I would say the US, the UK, and Canada are being ran into the ground to bring about their demise.
    If anything has to be done, send in the US military and it will be done, if Biden does not stop it.

  5. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    Bernie Madoff was an actor who played into the greedy innate nature of his clients. Where was Shakespeare and Rukeyser when we needed them most?

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