(POLL) Most see attacks against Trump as ‘political’ rather than ‘legit’

Ninety-five percent (95%) say they believe the actions against former President Trump are “Purely Political.”

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll of 3,290 people on X (formerly Twitter).

Three percent (3%) replied that they believe the actions are “Legit.”

Full results are below. Be sure to answer the newest poll at SharylAttkisson.com. Look for the black box on the right sidebar on your computer or scroll way down on your mobile device.

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2 thoughts on “(POLL) Most see attacks against Trump as ‘political’ rather than ‘legit’”

  1. How can anyone come to any different conclusion?? Many instances of government officials refusing a Subpoena with no retribution. A VICE PRESIDENTS who removed secret and top secret documents from the White House, left them carelessly laying in different locations. Totally forbidden for ANY Vice President to do that. What were the results? Declared he was old, of a declining mental state…..you know just forgot. To top it off the prosecutor decides, on his own, no jury would find a old man who meant no harm? So he appoints himself, judge and jury.
    So anyone, please anyone tell me different, tell me I’m wrong. Tell me there is no two tiered justice system. Tell me the DC circuit is honest and fair.

  2. I would say not wrong necessarily, just missing important, relevant details.
    Similar circumstances: Biden, Pence, and Trump all had documents in their possession that they were not entitled to have. And none of them stored them in the secure locations that were required (however, only mentioning Biden’s guilt in this area is ignoring the many pictures of the classified documents stored in Mar-a-Lago bathrooms).
    Different circumstances: Biden and Pence both voluntarily returned all of the documents and authorized the FBI to conduct whatever search they felt necessary. In fact, Biden’s team disclosed that they had the docs to the National Archives in the first place. When asked to by the DOJ, Trump returned some documents, then said that he didn’t have any more. When the DOJ later found out that he did, they issued a subpoena to Trump to turn them over. His lawyer submitted a legal document saying that a “diligent search” (everyone is free to decide how “diligent” the search was given the pictures of the boxes of classified documents stored in bathrooms). When the DOJ subsequently found that he still had some documents and planned to go get them, Trump moved the documents to avoid them being found.
    Legal similarities: Neither Biden nor Pence were charged with willful retention of the documents. But neither was Trump – he was not charged with willful retention of the documents that he voluntarily turned over.
    Legal differences: Biden was investigated by a special counsel who criticized his handling of classified documents but declined to charge him further. Trump was charged with mishandling classified documents and obstruction of justice because of his attempts to prevent the recovery of the documents.
    These are the relevant facts.
    To me, it’s clear why prosecutors took the paths that they did. Pence and Biden voluntarily turned the documents in their possession over to the government and allowed their residences to be searched. Trump did everything he could to prevent that from happening. It’s not a two-tiered justice system. It’s two different sets of circumstances.
    If Trump had simply returned the documents as he was legally required to do (and as Biden and Pence actually did), it’s likely that he would not have been charged. But actions have consequences and one consequence of failure to follow a lawful subpoena is that you can get arrested.
    If you make a mistake on your taxes, realize it later, and file an amended return, the IRS isn’t going to go after you. If you make a mistake and the IRS think you did it deliberately in an attempt to evade paying your taxes, they might.
    Note that Robert Hur who made the decision not to prosecute Biden was appointed by Trump. And also note that he is the United States Attorney for the District of Maryland. He isn’t affiliated with the DC circuit court.
    It is arguable that there is a two-tiered system although it’s probably not what you would expect. A year or so ago, an FBI agent was sent to prison for 4 years for taking classified documents home even though she never shared them with anyone (Trump has been accused of sharing the contents of two documents with people not authorized to have that information). So she’s in jail while none of the politicians are. But, of course, if you believe that the politicians should be treated the same that would mean that Trump would go to jail as well as Biden and Pence. Is that what you think would be fair?
    And here’s another interesting situation. I am not a lawyer, but I have read a half-dozen articles saying that if anyone not named Trump had violated a judge’s gag order as blatantly as Trump has, they would be in jail for contempt. So maybe there is a two-tiered system after all.

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