(POLL) Under-40 voters more open to third-party vote

More than a quarter of American voters say they might vote for a third-party presidential candidate this year, and young voters are especially open to the idea.

That’s according to the latest Rasmussen Reports.

The survey finds that 28% of likely U.S. voters say they are likely to vote for a third-party candidate in this year’s presidential election, including 12% who are “very likely” to vote third-party.

Fifty-nine percent (59%) are unlikely to vote third-party, including 30% who say it’s “not at all likely.”
Another 14% are not sure.

Third-party candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign announced Monday that it met the signature requirement to qualify for the ballot in North Carolina. 

Nationwide, 47% of voters under 40 say they’re at least somewhat likely to vote third-party in this year’s presidential election, compared to 24% of those ages 40-64 and 10% of voters 65 and older.

To see survey question wording, click here.

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2 thoughts on “(POLL) Under-40 voters more open to third-party vote”

  1. 2024 General Election: 2 Democrats (one claiming independent)
    1 Republican

    Will this be the last election? Or will this country be run by a group of feudelistic masters?


    older than 40 but was considering Kennedy until he came up with this super-rich, politically un-savvy, very Democratic woman. Someone stated that may be he is the dem candidate after all, that the Democratic party pushed him away so he would not be opposition to Biden, but that they will accept him if he wins. A very plausible statement to me, and I won’t vote for him – already was doubting because him being all-zionist, but this was the final drop.

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